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How can solar power protect our future?

Solar power has become one of the most rapidly expanding and most popular renewable energy sources in the world today. Solar energy has several advantages over other forms of energy generation. Whether you own a home, a business, or a government building, installing solar panels can save you money while also benefiting the environment.

1. No more huge electricity bills

Solar panels can help you save a significant amount of money on your electricity bills. The more power generated by your solar installation, the less electricity you will need to purchase from the utility provider, lowering your electricity expenses.

2. A secure investment

The use of solar energy is certainly on the rise. Electricity tariffs of utility providers are hiked unpredictably and without notice. However, with solar installation, the cost of solar power production remains the same. Even with the current tariffs, customers are able to get a payback of 2-3 years. This means you can enjoy free electricity for 20+ years.

3. Solar subsidy

The government is a strong supporter of solar energy programs. Tax incentives are available for business customers and subsidies are available for homeowners, making solar power generation more economical.

4. Doesn’t take up extra space

Solar panels can be installed on virtually any style of roof. This keeps the installation from taking up important ground area on your property. They help safeguard the shingles on your roof from the elements.

5. Shrink your carbon footprint

Solar panels do not emit any harmful gases and run quietly, making them an important energy source for combating climate change. A 5kW solar energy system is equivalent to planting 80 trees annually or reducing carbon emissions by 70 tonnes every year. I. It’ll be like planting a forest if your entire neighbourhood goes solar, benefiting both the economy and the environment. By going solar, you can have the best of both worlds.

6. Suitable for all climates

While certain countries may have more sunny days than others in terms of solar power generation, solar panels are nonetheless useful in cooler temperatures. Germany, for example, is a leader in solar energy despite having hazy and gloomy days all year.

7. Renewable energy source

The sun, unlike fossil fuels and natural gas, is a renewable energy source. Going solar has significant environmental benefits because the sun is an unlimited supply of energy and lowers our reliance on fossil fuels. Solar is the most powerful yet least expensive source of energy. Our customers in a variety of industries have reaped significant benefits from their decision to go solar. You can count on Freyr Energy for quality, honesty, and a hassle-free service.

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