Is a 5KW Solar Power System Enough for Residential Use?

Is a 5KW Solar Power System Sufficient for a Home?

Global warming, increase in greenhouse gases, carbon footprint, etc., are some of the common terms that we get to hear in connection with our environment in recent times. Excessive exploitation of non-renewable sources of energy to cater to the increasing needs of humankind has created an imbalance in nature. To provide for a greener future and make the earth a better place to live, alternative sources of energy are being sought after.

Solar energy is the most popular choice when it comes to green energy. It is a clean energy source direct from the sunlight. With rising demand, we have more solar energy plant providers now. If you are looking to install a rooftop solar power system for your home and are considering a 5kW solar power system, this one’s for you.

5KW Solar Power System

How much energy does a 5kW solar power system generate?

A 5 kW solar system is the most popular one used in medium-sized homes. However, there are some factors that decide the amount of energy that the solar system can generate:

A 5 kW solar system can generate approximately 20–22 units of energy per day, with due consideration to the above factors. This will make up to 600 units per month, which can match the energy needs of an average Indian household. 

Factors to consider while installing a solar power system for home

For a solar power system to be effective for your home, certain factors should be considered before installation. These are:

Location of the house

Not all locations receive sunlight all through the year. Also, the intensity of sunlight varies. Hence, the house location is important to decide on the installation of a solar power system.

A solar system in an area with abundant sunlight will generate the average energy as expected in a 5 kW system. This will be enough to supply power for average household needs. If the number of sunny days is less or the area has more cloudy days, a high-efficiency system that can convert direct and indirect sunlight may be essential. 

Energy usage 

The monthly energy usage of the house is essential to determine if a 5 kW solar system is sufficient. This can be ascertained with the help of your monthly energy bills. If your family size is huge, your consumption might be big, too. This will demand a bigger capacity system. 

For a family of small size (4-5 people), a 5 kW system should be sufficient. It can bring about a considerable reduction in your monthly energy bill. Other factors like availability of sunlight, etc., are also to be considered along with the energy needs of your home. 

Type of panel used

There are several types of solar panels, such as monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and concentrated PV cell panels. These come with different features and energy efficiency. While some of them are highly efficient, they are also expensive. 

Based on your needs, a solar energy professional can help you understand the type of panel needed for your home. 

Battery storage system

A battery storage system is essential for a reliable energy supply. It stores the excess electricity generated by the solar system and releases the same during days with limited sunlight.

This is an essential feature to look for while installing a solar system in your home. Check the battery storage requirements for a 5kW solar power system, and decide if it is sufficient for your home. A trusted solar energy company can help you with this.

Benefits of installing a 5kW solar system for homeowners

Investing in solar solutions can benefit the environment as well as your homes. Some of the benefits that can be reaped from the installation of solar panels for homeowners are:

Lower energy bills:

A 5kW solar system can significantly reduce your electricity bills. It stores the energy from the sun, which is a free source of power, and supplies the energy needs of your home. 

You will be replacing the electricity supply with that of the energy from the solar panels. Every month you would have spent a considerable amount on electricity bills. But with solar energy, you save a lot of money on your monthly electricity bills

Contribution to the environment:

We are a part of the environment, and any shares of goodwill have a positive impact on you. Installation of a 5kW solar system can help reduce the annual emission of greenhouse gases by nearly a whopping 8 tonnes. This can help the earth breathe better and, in turn, provide a cleaner living space for everyone. 

By installing a 5kW solar system, you are doing a deed equal to planting 80 trees. This is one of the biggest advantages by way of contribution from individual households.

Return on investment:

Installation of a 5kW solar system is a one-time investment. Homeowners can reap a return of 25–30%, which amounts to INR 25,000–30,000 per annum. You can get the upfront cost of investment in the solar system as returns in a limited time, coupled with savings in energy bills.

Low maintenance:

Buyers are generally worried about the maintenance, but the good news is that solar power systems need minimal maintenance. It is highly durable. A simple cleaning routine of the panels every two weeks can keep it going for as long as 25 years. 

Government subsidy:

Yet another advantage of installing a 5kW solar system is the government provides subsidies for homeowners. A subsidy of INR 14,588/kW is provided for a system with a capacity between 3kW  and 10 kW for the first 3kW. For the rest of the capacity, INR 7,294/kW is provided as a subsidy.

Bottom line

With growing energy needs, the need for a reliable supplement for non-renewable sources of energy has become imperative. Solar energy is the most valuable resource, available in abundance in most areas of the country. The initiative to shift to greener energy sources like solar should come from every home in the larger interest of society. 

With the installation of a solar power system for your house, you not only reduce your bills but also contribute to the wellness of the environment. Research well before you decide on the solar plant capacity for your homes through consultation with experts in this field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A 5kW solar system can run all appliances in a house, such as geysers, fans, lights, refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, air conditioners, etc.

The average cost of a 5kW solar plant in India is INR 3 lakh to INR 3.6 lakh.

A 5kW system would require around 400 sqft of roof area.

A 5kW plant can produce around 20 units of electricity per day.

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