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Customer Testimonials

Gajendra Shkya

It’s been 1 year since Freyr Energy installed system on my home. We have not faced any issues and are very happy with their service. Highly recommend Freyr Energy.

P Sasikanth

I have already got my money back from solar system which I installed 3 years back. I used to get bills of ₹ 8,000 earlier and now its is only ₹ 300. There is no maintenance required either.

Mahesh Mishra

Freyr Energy installed 3kW system on my house. I used to pay ₹ 2,500-3,000 before solar in electricity bills and last month I paid only ₹ 300! Their after-sales is also very quick & reliable.

Solar panel price in Rajahmundry

solar in Visakhapatnam

Please note that this price range isn’t just the panel’s price, it’s the total solar installation cost.

Solar panel subsidy in Rajahmundry

In India, the adoption of solar power panels has seen a large number of takers, who are interested in installing the same. With the government of India’s solar panel installation subsidies, it has become easier for common residents to invest only a part of the money for the installation of these panels. 

With the solar power subsidy, the government aims for more adoption by common residents and using solar power over conventional and carbon-led power alternatives. Thus, solar subsidy has given a new lease of life to those who were hesitant to adopt this source of power.

solar panel installation subsidy

How to apply online for solar panel subsidy in Rajahmundry

  • Visit the Government’s official website for solar installation subsidy:
  • Register by entering your details such as name, Aadhar card number, address, and phone number.
  • Upload the necessary files and complete the registration process
  • For further reference, make sure to note down the application ID.

Benefits of switching to solar power System in Rajahmundry

Lower Electricity Bills: By installing solar panels in Rajahmundry, residents can make large savings in their monthly electricity bills and overall consumption. 

Energy Independence: On installing top-quality solar panels by a genuine solar power company in Rajahmundry, the beneficiary has more control over power consumption and reduces their monthly bills generated via coal power.

Environmental Impact: Residents installing solar systems in Rajahmundry are among the ones who are contributing back to the environment and reducing the impact of carbon footprints. Shifting to solar energy is a small step that leads to a big impact environmentally.

Low Maintenance: One of the biggest takeaways of solar panels is the cost of maintenance. This is reasonably cheaper and sustains a long lifespan.

Increased property value: Houses that plan for installing solar panels can boost the valuation of the property in Rajahmundry. With an installed panel, more buyers would see this as an advantage to have a solar panel pre-installed. Thus, the price of the property increases by a value.

Asked Questions

The cost of installing a 5kW solar energy panel in Rajahmundry typically falls in the range between 3,55,000 to 3,65,000 INR. The cost covers expenses like panels, inverters, setup charges, and required equipment. In hindsight, it is recommended to inquire about price quotes from various companies to ensure you have the right price in your hands. Also, with the initial installation looking a bit expensive, property owners should figure out the overall expense reduction and ROI they will generate in the years to come with solar power panels.

On installing a solar power system in Rajahmundry, residents, and businesses have quite several advantages stacked. From the reduction of monthly power consumption to having a carbon-free source of power, these are two crucial components that change the game with the solar power system. Additionally, solar power adds a reason to remain energy-independent from several issues like load shedding, power outages, etc.

The price of installing a residential solar power system depends on several factors. These include the size of the panels, the types of components, and overall installation complexities. Ideally, the cost of installation in Rajahmundry varies from a range of INR 1 lakh to 6.5 lakhs for residential properties. With the list of government aids and subsidies, the final pay might come down to a more affordable range.

The cost of solar panel maintenance in Rajahmundry is low. There are certain basic cleaning tasks, like using water and a brush that help in the removal of dirt and particles from the panel screen. Once in a while, it is recommended to have the panels inspected by experts, who would assess the condition of the panels. In the end, the overall maintenance is next to low for solar panels and forms a reliable source of alternative energy.

A solar power system in Rajahmundry has a long lifespan that is about 25 to 30 years. All it requires is proper maintenance and occasional inspection, which ensures efficient generation of power. Thus, solar energy system comes up with sustainable energy generation and long-term advantages, while ensuring to minimize greenhouse effects.

Using the solar system in Rajahmundry, you can save both power and energy derived from traditional supplies. This is reflected in the monthly electricity bills. However, with a solar rooftop system, house owners need to consult the experts and have the panels set in the right manner and position. With this done, owners can expect large money savings on monthly electricity bills and reap long-term savings.

The solar power system installation in Rajahmundry follows the installation company’s assessment of the site, grid connection, and design factors. This follows up with determining the location suitability, design of the customized system, permits, and installation of grid/ battery for sustainable usage.

Several types of solar panels cater to different types of power consumption. Types like monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels offer different performance results as per the requirements. Buyers are free to choose from the type that suits their demands, power consumption, and financial constraints.

Finding a reputable solar power company in Rajahmundry can be done online by searching the list of the best solar power companies in the city. Read customer reviews in any company’s profile, and if you have your acquaintance installed solar panels, it is recommended to ask for their reviews as well. Freyr Energy has remained one of the top names in Rajahmundry with impeccable performance and high-quality solar panel installation services in the city.

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