Why Wait? Choose Solar Rooftop Yojana for Your Power System Without Delay!

Why wait for solar subsidy? Instead opt for Solar now!

The best time to install solar was yesterday, the second best is now. Over the past few years, the government has supported solar installations with financial assistance in many ways Such as providing subsidy to homeowners and accelerated tax depreciation for commercial and industrial sectors. Also the concept of net-meter, i.e – selling excess electricity to the local grid improves the returns on investment for the owner of the power plant.

All these monetary benefits have contributed to creating awareness and many are opting solar as an energy source. Over the last decade, the prices of solar has decreased and is now much cheaper to the grid tariff in many sates. But is waiting for financial assistance or subsidies really worth it or should we opt solar now without any time lag? Read on to why you should opt solar now.

Why you should install solar now?

Going solar now is the best decision as you can  make yourself energy independent with financially rewarding results. Every minute you delay your solar decision is one another minute that you miss out on the financial benefits your solar energy system provides (this is called your opportunity cost). In fact, your potential savings in upfront costs could be outweighed by solar financial benefits if had you acted sooner. So begin your solar journey with Freyr Energy and you’ll never regret this minute.

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