Is site survey important for solar installation service, why?

Why is site survey important for solar installation?

A solar site survey is necessary to design a correct and profitable solar energy generation system for the owner of the system.

The location of solar panels, their direction, orientation and the potential of sunlight play an important role in determining the amount of energy you can generate from the sun.

A Site survey is a mandatory step in the overall solar process.  Our sales manager will visit your site to conduct a solar survey after which our Engineering and Design team creates a customised solution from the detailed data gathered.

Solar Site Survey

An ideal site survey for solar pv installation should contain the following parameters:

  1. Climate condition of site: The solar irradiation level, temperature and variation in wind speed at the site provide an estimate of the potential for the solar PV installation and the specific components required. For instance, at low solar irradiation level sites, an efficient solar panel is required as compared to high solar irradiation sites. Similarly, solar panels work more efficiently in colder regions as compared to hotter regions. Also installation design of solar system should consider the worst wind load on the panels and the structure they are placed on.
  2. Type of property and its roof: Defining the type of property as residential, commercial, industrial or institutional is essential as the structure of the property and its roof type determines the design of the solar system. The type of roof is also important as there can be various types such as RCC, Metal sheet, Aluminum sheet and Asbestos. A roof can be flat or sloping with a specific potential to carry the weight of panels so this helps determine many other factors dependent on this information.
  3. Location of solar PV array: It is important to determine the ideal solar PV array during the site survey. South, south-east and south-west are three directions of the property where solar PV array can be installed.
  4. Shade analysis: Ideally, the location where solar PV array is to be installed should be shadow free. During solar panel survey, any obstructions such as adjacent buildings, trees, water tanks, dish antennas, parapet walls, etc. should be noted as any obstacles can cause shade which can impact electricity generation. Shadow analysis is done to ensure maximum sunlight is captured throughout the year during the time frame of 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  5. Space availability: The space needed for a 1kW solar system is 80sqft. So for a 10kW system the space needed is 800 sqft. During site survey, the potential area is measured on the roof or the ground and on this basis the solar PV system is designed. The structure and type of roof (flat or slope), its direction, nearby obstructions and its accessibility impact the location where the solar PV array is to be installed.
  6. Size and location of existing electrical connection: To get the correct information on the size and location of the connection it is necessary to answer a few questions. Is it a single phase or a three phase electrical connection? At what voltage and frequency electricity is supplied to the property? Where is the main connection of the property to the electricity grid? These questions will help analyse the site survey better.
  7. Location for mounting solar system components: Once the ideal location of the PV installation is decided, the location and diagram of mounting other components are to be specified in site survey. Factors such as distribution box, the inverter and the wiring route of the whole system should be determined as well. If the installation is off-grid, the placement of the battery is also necessary.


We cannot emphasise enough the importance of conducting a thorough site survey. Critical information that can be overlooked or misrepresented during a site survey can impact the performance, energy generation and effectiveness of the solar system. Hence, we recommend engaging with an experienced team to ensure that there are no issues for you. At Freyr Energy, our sales managers have the expertise to conduct a thorough and accurate site survey. Generate a quote now and let us help you through the process of going solar now.

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