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Now is the best time to go solar in Vijayawada

Solar rooftops are perfect to install on residential, commercial, or industrial buildings with high solar energy potential, especially in cities with high solar radiation such as Vijayawada. On average, more than 4 units of electricity can be generated in a day from 1kW solar panels in Vijayawada. To install a 1kW solar panel system in Vijayawada, you will need around 90 sq. ft of shadow-free roof space.

Solar Panels in Vijayawada

Vijayawada will be one among 60 other cities in the country that will be called a solar city in the coming years. This is as per the central government’s (MNRE) program on ‘Development of Solar Cities. This program is aimed at meeting 10 percent of the energy demand through solar power. Through the program, the government hopes to improve the adoption of solar power and other renewable energy sources thereby converting energy-consuming centers to self-energy-generating ones.

With summer on the horizon, electricity consumption is also expected to rise with the increased usage of air conditioners and coolers. Going solar can help you cut down your electricity bill by up to 90%. You can expect a payback period of 2-3 years for your rooftop solar power installations. We at Freyr Energy have tried to improve your affordability of solar and provide you with a hassle-free experience. We have tied up with 4 NBFCs to provide collateral-free solar loans and reduce your upfront cost. With our lending partners, you can own a solar system with little to no down payment.

To ensure the quality of the plant, Freyr Energy uses key components from tier 1 suppliers and provides 24×7 assistance. With our customer app – Freyr Energy App, we have digitized your solar journey. The app lets you get a quick quote, track the progress of your project and you are notified of your system performance.

Freyr Energy is one of the leading solar companies in Vijayawada. Generate a quote get an estimate for the cost of your solar system and take your first step in your solar journey. Download our app today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest benefit of going solar system in Vijayawada is the assurance of reduced monthly electricity bills, alongside reducing energy dependency and keeping pollution levels in check.

Among the leading solar companies in Vijayawada today is Freyr Energy. The firm is on a mission to boost Indian terraces with solar panels and reduce dependency on fossil-fuel-generated power. 

The cost of a 2kw on-grid solar system could vary anywhere around INR 1.5 lakhs depending on the customization and other requirements. However, the solar panel price Vijayawada could vary if applied using subsidies offered by the government.

The cost of rooftop solar installation in Vijayawada depends on several factors. This includes the panel size and usage in different applications. For instance, the range between 1-3kw is mostly used in domestic usage and has the highest subsidy per kw. As the range increases from 3kw to more, the rates come down.

The cost of installation of a solar panel involves multiple levels of constraints. For instance, right from the panel to the storage unit would usually cost more than regular off-grid solar panels. In the end, we recommend taking the help of one of the leading solar panel dealers in Vijayawada and getting the right price quotation.

Solar panels in Vijayawada offered by Freyr Energy come for the best market price. The solar panel cost without subsidy could be around INR 1 lakh rupees. With subsidies such as the solar yojana in Vijayawada, the prices could further go down to around INR 60,000.

To check the appropriate size of the rooftop solar system in Vijayawada, we recommend using the calculator in Freyr Energy’s site portal. You could get an estimate of what is the right size of panel for your home. If you are not still convinced, request a callback and allow experts from Freyr Energy to visit you and provide both price and size estimates.

An average estimated savings come to around INR 10,000 for the installation of a 1kw-sized panel. The figure is more for panels of 2kw and 3kw size. 

The total payback time for solar panels varies somewhere between 2-3 years. The estimate may vary in accordance with time frame and the use case. Top solar panel manufacturers in Vijayawada like Freyr Energy assures for a faster ROI on the panels.

Using a battery, it is possible to save excess power generated during the day. The energy could also be used during cloudy days or during power cuts.

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