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SunPro+ makes it easier for homes and businesses to transition to solar. Learn about solar, order a system, track project status and monitor system performance with SunPro+

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Best Solar App in India

About SunPro+

SunPro+ is the best solar power application that makes the whole process of owning a solar system seamless and hassle-free. It captures the customers’ entire solar journey from exploring to owning solar.

Solar Energy Application

Challenges Customers Face Today

solar cost for home

Relevant & accurate information is not available in one place

commercial solar installers

Hidden costs & lack of transparency

solar electricity for home price

Need to deal with multiple entities through their solar journey

solar for household

Lack of after-sales support

Key Features of SunPro+

  • Learn all about solar through resources from our knowledge centre
  • Assess your requirement & generate a quote instantly
  • Track the progress of your solar rooftop installation with solar system app
  • Monitor the performance of your solar system with ease
  • Instant support for all your queries through the Sunbot
  • All documents related to your solar system available in the  solar panel app
Best Solar Power Application

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Solar Energy Application is ideal for

solar system for home


Solar Systems for Commercial

Commercials Establishments

soalar for industries


Asked Questions

Yes, you can use Freyr Energy’s SunPro+ App to monitor the performance of your solar panels. This solar power application is specifically designed to help you keep track of your solar energy system using your smartphone or desktop. With the Solar App, you can easily check the performance of your solar panels, monitor energy production in real time, and receive alerts about any issues or faults. It’s a convenient way to ensure your solar panels are working efficiently and to maximize your energy savings.

First, download the SunPro+ solar app from your device’s app store. Once the solar app download process is completed, registering for the SunPro+ app is easy. Simply log in using your mobile number, and you’ll receive an OTP on your phone to complete the registration process. This user-friendly solar system app allows you to conveniently monitor and manage your solar power system, ensuring efficient performance and hassle-free maintenance.

The SunPro+ app serves as a comprehensive platform for your solar journey. From understanding solar to contacting our sales team, placing orders, tracking project progress, and monitoring energy generation post-installation, the solar power application covers all aspects. You can also raise service requests through the app for any issues during or after the process.

The solar energy application allows you to monitor your entire project’s performance as a whole. It aggregates data from the inverter, providing an overview of the total generation from all panels combined.

By logging into the SunPro+ solar rooftop application, you can easily track the energy generation of your solar panels. The solar monitoring app displays detailed information about daily, monthly, and total generation, helping you stay informed about your solar system’s performance. Additionally, comprehensive energy reports are updated monthly for your convenience, providing valuable insights to optimize your energy usage and savings.

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