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Things to consider while going solar for your home

As a homeowner, one of the wisest decisions is to go solar for home energy needs. Not only will harnessing solar power for domestic needs lower your electricity bill but it will also drastically reduce your environmental footprint.

Additionally, the Ministry of New and Renewable energy in India offers attractive incentives to encourage solar panel installations for domestic and commercial use.

Nevertheless, there are several aspects to consider before you proceed with this decision. Consider the following factors to confirm that solar power is a practical option for your home.

1. Availability of shadow-free space on the roof

The efficiency of a solar system is compromised if there is shadow on the solar panels. Even partial shade on the panel can cause a significant reduction in solar power output. Hence, the solar power installation area should be free from shadow-casting objects.

Check for overhead water tanks, lift rooms, trees, pillars, antennas, poles, parapet walls or nearby buildings that cast shadow on the intended space. For maximum efficiency, no shadows should be cast on the designated area from 9 a.m to 3 p.m.

2. Do you own the roof rights?

Solar system has a life of 25 years and the solar panel installation will be carried out on the rooftop. So, you must have the right to use the roof for this purpose. If you have an independent house, this will not be a problem.

However, if you live in an apartment complex or society, the roof rights will belong to the Residents Welfare Association (RWA) or builder. Even in this case, RWAs can set up solar system to support electrical loads such as common area lighting, lifts, water pumps, etc., and reduce electricity bills.

3. Condition of the rooftop

Solar panels are mounted on metallic structures which will increase the weight on the roof. Unless your roof is stable and in good condition, it will be unable to handle this extra weight.

If there are cracks on your rooftop, the roof structure could be compromised, and the roof may be unable to handle a solar roof. So, if you notice signs of roof damage, perform roof repairs before going solar for home energy needs.

4. Necessary permissions and solar policy approvals

Last but not the least, you must take a thorough look at the solar policy of your state to choose the best available option. The solar panel installation can be done only after DISCOM officials evaluate your application, perform necessary checks, and give the approval to proceed.

As a consumer, analyzing each of these aspects to decide whether you can go solar can be daunting and confusing.

Fortunately, you will not have to worry about any of this when you entrust your solar energy needs to Freyr Energy. We handle everything from conducting the site survey for feasibility analysis and obtaining necessary permits to procuring superior quality components, solar panel installation, and after-sales support.

As a reputed and established Solar EPC, Freyr Energy guarantees hassle-free service that will enable you to go solar for home energy needs in the easiest way. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today to discuss your requirements and kickstart the process.

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