Pros and Cons of Rooftop Solar Panels vs. Ground-Mounted Systems

Ground-Mounted vs. Rooftop Solar Panels: Pros and Cons

Solar energy is rapidly growing, as installing solar panels comes with a range of benefits. Different types of solar panels are available in the market, and choosing the right one depends upon many factors. Rooftop solar panels and ground-mount solar panels are two ideal options for businesses and homeowners. If you’re wondering which one is better and good for you, there are many decision-making factors that you should consider.

Let’s delve into this article and find out different aspects of ground-mounted vs. rooftop solar panels to make an informed choice.

Rooftop Solar vs Ground Mounted Solar Panels

What Is Roof Mount Solar?

Roof-mount solar panels are an excellent choice, as they can be easily installed on the roofs of houses or commercial buildings. The solar racking is directly mounted on the roof surface, securing the solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and absorbing the sunlight to generate energy. It can be easily installed on any roof structure on exposure to sunlight, and sometimes, it requires a little tilted position to capture more sunlight. 



What Is Ground-Mounted Solar?

The mounting structure is the basic difference between ground-mounted solar panels and rooftop solar panels. Contrary to solar rooftop panels, ground-mounted solar panels are installed on the ground using various tools such as pipes, tubing, or poles that are required to hold the panel on the ground. If you have limited roof space, you can go with this option, as these systems are designed to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity for various applications, such as residential power generation, commercial energy production, or utility-scale solar farms.



So Why Should I Opt-In for Roof-Mounted Solar Panels?

There are several reasons to choose a rooftop solar system, and a few of the top reasons are listed here: 

Ground Mounted Solar Panels – How Is it Better?

There’s no end of discussion on ground-mounted vs. rooftop solar panels, and here are some of the considerable points to choosing ground-mounted solar panels for your home’s energy needs: 

Should You Choose Ground Mount Or Rooftop Solar Panels for home?

Whether you are looking for a home solar system or a commercial solar system, both ground mount and solar rooftop panels are ideal to install. There are a few things to consider while choosing a solar panel, such as your goal, energy requirements, property space, and the amount you would like to invest. However, if you decide to go solar, there’s a range of advantages that come with solar panel installation, from low electricity bills to a greener future. It’s just up to you to choose an ideal option to accomplish all your needs. 

If you have limited space and low investment cost, solar rooftop panels are great to install. On the other hand, ground-mounted solar panels are best for people who have more space and want more environmental benefits. However, going solar should be everyone’s priority to make a healthier and greener future. 

Closing Thoughts

Solar energy is the future, and the above discussion on ground-mounted vs. rooftop solar panels might help you make the right choice. If you’re still confused about which mounted panel to choose, Freyr Energy can help you with the best solar panel installation services that fit your needs. It provides a complete range of solar panel systems for residential and commercial spaces at a minimal price. It offers advanced solar panel designs and other supportive services to improve a sustainable future.

Asked Questions

Solar rooftop panels themselves do not typically cause roof leaks if installed correctly by professionals. However, poor installation or pre-existing roof issues can potentially lead to leaks.

It can vary from area to area. Typically, it could be up to 500 feet away from the house.

No, ground-mounted solar panels are more expensive than rooftop solar panels, as additional work to mount the panel on the ground is added to the installation price.

Absolutely yes! In India, 80-90% of electricity costs can be reduced using rooftop solar systems, and it’s a cost-effective solution.

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