8 Things to know before purchasing a solar system

8 Things to know before purchasing a solar system

By purchasing a solar system you will save money and be a climate champion. We want you to understand solar energy better, know the facts about solar energy and understand how solar panels work. Read on to know more.

8 things to know before purchasing a solar system

Save Money, irrespective of your budget

Sun is a free source of energy. Converting solar energy to electricity is not just environmentally friendly, but is also very economical.

You can cut down your electricity bill by 90% or more depending on your electricity consumption. Even with a low budget, you can now go solar as Freyr Energy has introduced financial assistance ensuring that customers can own a solar system with little to no upfront cost. (https://freyrenergy.com/solar-finance-options/)

Solar panels have been around for a long time

Solar photovoltaic technology in particular was first investigated in year 1839 and more than a century later in 1954, scientists in Bell Labs invented solar cells that can generate electricity. With the advancement in technology and production techniques, solar panels have come a long way in the past 65 years. The efficiency of  solar photovoltaic cells have improved drastically with advanced solar cell technologies like perovskite with efficiency reaching 40%, these are getting better and better.

Solar panels are highly durable

Solar panels compose of solar cells connected in series and parallel connection which determine wattage of a solar panel. These solar cells are sandwiched between tempered glass at front and tedlar or back sheet at rear. Between the solar cell, front glass and rear tedlar layer is the encapsulated which binds these layers together to form one panel. The solar panels are designed and made to meet international standards and withstand hail, snow and high winds.

Solar panels can produce electricity for 25 years

Solar panels can generate electricity for 25 – 30 years. So once you recover your initial investment through reduction in electricity bills within in the first 3-4 years, you  will generate electricity for free till your lifetime.

Solar panels are maintenance free

If you drive a vehicle, you know the service costs associated with it. Solar panels once installed will sit there for their lifetime. There is zero maintenance cost of a solar system. The only maintenance work is to wipe dust off the solar panels to improve their efficiency.

Solar panels can be installed anywhere

If you have shadow free space facing south on your roof, garden, barren land, ponds and lakes, solar panels can be installed. For a 1kW solar system, approx 80 sq. ft of shadow free space is required.

Solar system is tied to electricity grid

Solar system can power your home on its own with batteries but it’s a costlier option. Solar system tied to the grid is a better option and is called https://freyrenergy.com/advantages-of-on-grid-solar-system/on-grid solar system, especially if you have a reliable grid connection. With an on-grid Solar system, extra electricity that is generated, can be supplied to the local electricity grid. The units that are exported to the grid are credited to the billing amount of grid electricity, thereby reducing the electricity bill.

Solar panels can be installed in homes, offices and factories

Solar panels can generate electricity to power homes, offices and even factories. The size of the solar system is defined by its loads connected to it and it’s usage pattern. Free electricity, other financial and environmental benefits add up to the value of the premises. Solar systems can power factory machinery with heavy loads at ease.


With all this information you might feel encouraged to install solar system at your premises. This will save your money and give you energy independence. However, it is necessary that the right equipment is used for your solar system. We at Freyr Energy always aim to provide the best quality and service for our customers.

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