Essential Facts About its Role as a Source of Renewable Energy in Power Systems

Facts About Solar

Life on this planet is the result of continuous energy from the Sun. Without the Sun, there would be no life on Earth. As human beings we’ve been using solar energy for more than 2700 years for heating, cooking, drying, and other essential applications that make our lives more efficient. With the evolution of human life, solar energy and its uses have diversified. Solar energy as a term has established itself as a promising source of renewable energy.

Being affordable and environment-friendly solar energy is one of the most sustainable choices in the fight against climate change. Unlike other power sources like diesel generators and fossil-fueled power-generating technologies, solar energy doesn’t pollute the environment and requires low maintenance. We at FreyrEnergy are experts in solar rooftop installations and can make your property energy-independent for years to come.

Here are some interesting facts about solar.

• Solar energy is the most abundant energy source on Earth. All the energy sources are a form of the sun’s energy in one sense. The wind that blows, the water, the fossil fuels from the buried biomass millions of years ago, the wave energy, and geothermal heat a few feet under the ground are all forms of the sun’s energy.

• The energy from the sun can be used in at least three ways for our energy needs. It can be used to generate electricity, hot water, and cooking. In how many ways are you using the sun’s energy at your home?

• Solar energy is cheaper than fossil fuels. The research and development of solar panels and solar photovoltaic systems has reduced the per-watt prices of solar energy. It is now much cheaper than coal and gas in many countries as per IEA.

• One hour of sunlight is equivalent to one year’s worth of energy required for everyone on the planet.

• Zero pollution is caused by solar energy when electricity is generated by solar panels and is transmitted by the system to the load. This makes it the most environment-friendly energy generation technology.

• Sunlight travels 90 million miles and takes 10 minutes to reach Earth and its continuous and unending nature.

• Spread across 14,000acres of land with an electricity generating capacity of 2,250 Mega Watt (MW), the Bhadla Solar Power Plant in Village Bhadla, Jodhpur, Rajasthan is at present the world’s largest solar plant.

• Solar energy is carbon positive like the trees. Installing a 320kW system is equivalent to planting 4,327 trees every year. Freyr Energy has installed 1,500+ solar systems across 22 states in the country. We ensure your transition to solar is hassle-free. With our revolutionary Freyr Energy app we help understand solar, track installation progress, and monitor system performance. You can now choose solar with no upfront cost with our various financing options. So, why wait? Choose solar today!

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