5 Ways To Protect Your Solar Panels From Environmental Damage

5 Ways To Protect Your Solar Panels From Environmental Damage

Solar panels are long-lasting & energy-efficient, providing a healthy alternative to coal. Citizens worldwide use them to lower energy bills and minimize fossil fuel consumption, which is good for the wallet and environment. However, environmental damage presents a peculiar problem. Here are 5 ways to protect your solar panels from environmental damage.

1. Inspect your solar panels sealant regularly

Maintain your solar panels and prevent short-outs by regularly examining and resealing any fading seals on your panels. Silicon-based sealants are ideal for repairing PV frameworks, and they’re relatively simple to use. However, if the seal in between the roof and the panel shows indications of wear and tear, you may need to replace it.

2. Trim back any trees or vegetation

Falling twigs and dirt from nearby trees & vegetation could harm the surface of the panels. Because the sun rays can’t reach the solar cells, this debris diminishes the panel’s ability to acquire sunlight. In addition, the equipment may become unusable due to a buildup of dents and scratches, causing you to replace or fix it. Repairing damaged solar panels can get expensive.

3. Include Solar Panels in your Insurance Policy

Solar panels are typically considered ‘permanent house fixtures’ by insurance companies, as long as they are mounted to your roof. If you take care of this, you can be protected from theft, vandalism, and fire/water damage. However, if you want extra protection for your panels (for example, against other unintentional damage), you’ll need to get accidental damage insurance to protect your solar panel.

4. Install protective measures 

The MC4 clips that link wires to the rear of your panels get dislodged by large birds. Additionally, look out for squirrels who can damage the wiring of your solar panels with their sharp teeth and cause havoc. Pests can be deterred from damaging solar panels by installing mesh protectors.

5. Keep the panels clean 

Once a year, give your solar panels a thorough cleaning. You can hire specialists to perform this task. Cleaning your panels while standing on the floor is a better option. Hang a soft sponge or rag to a long pole to accomplish this. If you don’t have a long enough stick, you should seek expert assistance. Using a hosepipe to spray water on your panels will not suffice.

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