When installing a rooftop solar panel, a few maintenance tips are required to boost the life of solar panels. However, solar panels are a great investment, and without any hassles, you can avail of renewable energy at a cheap cost of more than 25 years. If you worry what are the key steps to improve solar panel life, here are the top maintenance tips for long-lasting rooftop solar panel performance. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Rooftop Solar Panels:

Solar panels are designed in a way that maintains their life, and with an unobstructed path, homeowners can enjoy the benefits in the long run. 

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They generally require a little maintenance, but over time, if solar panel efficiency declines, it’s time for maintenance and cleanup.

  • Clean your Solar Panels Fortnightly: Regular cleaning, at least twice a year, ensures optimal solar panel efficiency by removing dirt and debris that can obstruct sunlight. Regular cleaning gently removes dust and prevents grime. 
  • Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Tools and Chemical Agents: Use gentle cleaning materials like soft brushes or sponges to prevent scratches, and avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the panels surface.
  • Never Wash Solar Panels When They Are Hot: It’s recommended to avoid solar panel rooftop cleaning when it’s hot. It can lead to thermal shock and potential damage to hot panels. So, clean when it’s at normal temperature, e.g., in the early morning or evening. 
  • Leveraging Monitoring Systems: For solar panel maintenance, utilize built-in monitoring systems. It helps you track solar panel performance, enabling timely cleaning when efficiency drops. You can find the latest and tech-oriented monitoring systems from the best solar company in India
  • Utilizing Solar Panel Cleaning Kits: It’s imperative to invest in specialized cleaning kits that include the right tools, such as long-handled wipers, and follow the instructions for safe and effective solar panel cleaning.
  • Safety Measures: When cleaning solar panels, utilize safety measures by using stable ladders, appropriate footwear, and safety harnesses when accessing your rooftop solar panels. Utilizing safety measures is crucial for the panels functionality as well as for you. 
  • Clean during Early Morning or Late Evenings: Clean your solar panels during cooler times of the day to prevent water from evaporating quickly and leaving residue behind. Morning and evening are also the best time to clean the panels as it's easy to clean the wet or moist surface and prevent damage. 

Solutions for the Most Common Solar Panel Issues:

If you install solar panels for your house in different seasons, you must employ different approaches. Accumulated dust, dirt, debris, and other factors adversely impact the solar panel performance. In order to fix some of the issues and enhance longevity, here are the professional solutions. 

  • Shading Problems

Shading from nearby trees, structures, or other obstructions can significantly challenge solar panel performance. When panels are partially shaded, even a small section, it can lead to a noticeable reduction in energy production. 

Solution: Trimming or pruning trees and vegetation around the solar panel reduces shadows cast during different times of the day and year. Moreover, evaluate the positioning of your solar panels to ensure they are optimized for maximum sunlight exposure. Adjusting the angle and orientation of the panels can help minimize shading impact, thus improving overall energy generation.

  • Weather Damage

Although solar panels are made to resist a range of weather conditions, extreme weather conditions like hailstorms, heavy snowfall, or strong winds can still result in damage. Weather-related damage can undermine the structural integrity of the panels as well as their efficiency. 

Solution: To safeguard your investment from weather-related damage, make sure you have enough insurance coverage. In the event of severe weather, get in touch with specialists with knowledge of solar panel systems to perform a full evaluation and any necessary repairs or replacements. Your system can more efficiently survive the elements if it is properly maintained.

  • Electrical Connection Problems

Electrical connections within a solar panel system are critical for efficient energy conversion and distribution. Over time, connections can become loose or corroded, leading to performance issues or even safety hazards. 

Solution: In order to combat the electrical connection problem, regular inspection of wiring and setup of the panel is required. Any loose connections should be tightened, and rust should be addressed right away with a thorough inspection. Doing this reduces the possibility of unanticipated performance dips or electrical faults, and the system's electrical integrity is guaranteed to be preserved.

  • Bird Droppings and Debris

Bird droppings, leaves, dust, and debris accumulating on the surface of solar panels can obstruct sunlight and decrease energy production. If it is left unattended, the buildup can result in reduced efficiency over time. 

Solution: Gently clean the solar panels using non-abrasive materials like soft brushes or sponges and plain water instead of harsh chemicals, as they can damage the panel's surface. Regular maintenance ensures your panels stay clean and continue to generate energy efficiently.

  • Pigeon Infestations

Pigeons nesting beneath solar panels are a common problem that causes unsanitary conditions and also cause damage to your system. Their presence can lead to an accumulation of debris and droppings, compromising panel efficiency and potentially causing long-term harm. 

Solution: Install specialized bird barriers to fit solar panels, as these barriers provide a humane solution that keeps pigeons from accessing the space under the panels.

Freyr Energy's Comprehensive Solar Panel Maintenance Support

Freyr Energy stands as the best solar company in India as it works for customer satisfaction with sustainable energy solutions. It serves a comprehensive suite of maintenance services designed to keep rooftop solar panels operating at our best. It woos homeowners and businesses through exceptional solar panel maintenance support that is as follows: 

  1. Performance Monitoring

Freyr Energy has expertise in handling the predicament of businesses and homeowners using solar panels. We manufacture quality solar panels with remote monitoring systems that detect dips in performance or anomalies, enabling swift action to address issues before they impact energy production. This proactive approach ensures the consistent and trouble-free solar panel efficiency you expect.

  1. Panel Upgrades and Replacements

Freyr Energy stays at the forefront of solar innovations that fulfill the customer's needs. They offer panel upgrade and replacement services that enhance the overall performance and energy output of solar panels.

  1. Consultation and Guidance

Solar panel maintenance is easy if you get the best consultation and guidance from an industry expert like Freyr Energy. However, the maintenance of panels is a complicated yet daunting task, and Freyr Energy understands that. It provides guidance and the best consultation services to the customers to make an informed decision. 

  1. 24x7 Support

When it’s about choosing a solar partner or the best solar company in India, keep an eye on their support system. Freyr Energy offers round-the-clock assistance to address any concerns related to solar panels. Whether it's a sudden drop in performance, an electrical issue, or any other maintenance-related matter, Freyr Energy is always up for your help. 

The Bottom Line

Cleaning and maintenance of rooftop solar panels are crucial for good performance and efficiency. By following the aforementioned tips, you can boost the longevity of panels, but in many cases or at a specific stage, just maintenance is not enough. If the solar panels of your house are damaged or not working properly, you can reach Freyr Energy. It’s top-notch in delivering and maintaining solar panels for a sustainable future. It helps you generate electricity from a natural source and provide financial benefits.


Most frequent questions and answers

A neat and clean solar panel ideally generates more energy, so to enhance the lifespan, efficiency, and performance, it’s important to clean the rooftop solar panels.

Yes, solar panel maintenance ensures optimal performance and keeps you tension-free for 25 years or more.

Solar panels hardly require some maintenance, but if you keep them clean and dust-free, you can enjoy their benefits for a period of time. However, maintenance costs depend upon several factors, such as size, panel type, cause of problem, location, usage, and more.

Solar panels often require maintenance one or two times a year. Your location and environment play a key role in it, and with regular maintenance, you can boost the functionality of solar panel efficiency.

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