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Rooftop Solar – Expectations vs Reality

A solar PV rooftop system is essentially a small power plant that is installed on your roof. Three essential components make up the Grid-interactive Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system. Solar PV modules, mounting structures for the modules, and inverters. Solar PV modules are arranged in an array, which requires a mounting structure to keep the modules at the proper angle for maximum generation. Solar panels change solar energy or light into direct current (DC) power (Direct Current).

The inverter converts DC electrical energy to AC (Alternate Current) electricity, which is then connected to the power grid via an AC distribution board. Solar Power Systems attract major investment, but there are a few myths about what you can really anticipate from solar systems.

Solar Power Systems: Expectations Vs. Reality

1) Climate

Expectations: It is thought that solar power systems are most effective in warmer climates where the solar module receives plenty of sunshine, allowing it to generate more energy. It is ineffective in all other situations.

Reality: Did you know that Leh and Ladakh are one of India’s finest solar hotspots? Solar energy is based on the intensity of sunshine rather than the temperature. While the hot and humid temperatures of Rajasthan provide plenty of sunshine, the clear low-temperature bright days of Leh and Ladakh produce the best results. Solar generation is hampered by high temperatures.

2) Roof

Expectations: A solar system may harm your roof or the beauty of your home or building due to the lengthy installation process.

Reality: Because the Freyr team considers both aesthetics and roof type before recommending a solution, a solar rooftop installation will only add value to your home while also improving the strength and durability of your roof by protecting it from the elements.

3) ROI

Expectation: It will take years and decades to start saving money after installation of solar power system.

Reality: A Freyr solar system will pay for itself within four years at an average electricity cost of Rs.8 per unit or more. It is surely a smart investment with a long lifespan. To be clear, the savings mentioned does not include depreciation advantages or government subsidies.

4) Maintenance

Expectation: Solar power systems require heavy maintenance on a regular basis.

Reality: All you need to do is regularly wash the solar panels to keep it clear from dust and debris.

Freyr Energy has everything you need to make the switch to solar energy simple, economical, and accessible to everyone. The SunPro+ app from Freyr includes facilities for remote monitoring and management of your solar power system, as well as performance reporting tailored to your needs. Its real-time data tracking and analysis enable proactive maintenance and assistance, assuring optimal plant availability. It gives access to the plant’s performance in real time, as well as notifications and service intervention alarms.

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