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Reduced Electricity Bill of solar panel


Electricity costs make up a large portion of monthly expenses for home-owners and businesses alike. With solar energy, you will generate free power for the system’s entire 25-year lifecycle. Our customers have experienced up to 90% reduction in their bills every month.
Clean Electricity with Solar Panel


Unlike fossil fuels such as coal and oil that emit toxic fumes, solar energy provides clean and sustainable power. A typical 5kW solar system installation is as effective as planting over 80 trees annually and reduce 8 tonnes of greenhouse gas annually.
Best ROI on Solar system


Solar systems are a great investment.  With substantial electricity bill savings every month, our customers are able to enjoy an ROI of 25-30%. Solar systems are a smart, risk-free investment that promise high returns.

Make way for

A Brighter Future

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    One Champion at a Time

    It's been one and a half year since we have installed solar panels from Freyr. They have been very effective. We have not had any issues in the past. My experience has been excellent.

    - Vikranth Terala

    "Our energy costs for our Kazipally factory has reduced substantially. Our consumers are already appreciating our efforts towards sustainability. We found a great partner with Freyr energy."

    - Uttam Malani, Executive Director

    "We have been able to realize a payback of two years on our 25kW system at our office premise. We are happy with the quick response time that Freyr has been able to offer."

    - Kranti Potluri, Director

    "With Freyr's expertise, we were able to maximize our space utilization and install a 100kW solar system. We have been very happy with the service of Freyr Energy from the start."

    - Bakka Reddy, Executive Director


    Explore, Own & Experience Solar

    Learn all about solar, order a system, track installation progress and monitor system performance, all with SunPro+. This one-of-a-kind app will make the process of owning a solar system seamless and hassle-free.

    More Power to You!

    Solar power is the largest yet cheapest source of energy. Our customers from various sectors have immensely benefitted with their decision to go solar. With Freyr Energy, you can be assured of quality, transparency and a hassle-free experience.