Overcoming Common Myths About Solar For Home in India

Overcoming Common Myths About Solar For Home Use in India

India witnessed a widespread adoption of solar systems for homes over the years. This attraction towards solar for home has brought many solar power myths and misconceptions about solar energy for homes in India. Solar power for home in India is one of the most needed shifts for the production of electricity as India has a vast population that consumes electricity at a much higher rate than most countries. Misconceptions regarding solar panel uses at home have also become prevalent, necessitating a clear understanding of the realities surrounding solar technology and its benefits.

Myth 1: Solar Panels Don’t Work Well in India’s Climate

From the beginning, people had this misconception that the solar power system only works on sunny and hot days. But the truth is that solar panels mainly rely on sunlight, not just heat, to generate electricity. India is a country with a diverse climate throughout the year with varying levels of sunlight. It must be noted that the efficiency of solar panels may be slightly lower on cloudy days but they are still able to generate electricity.

Myth 2: Solar Installations are Too Expensive

As technology advances in the field of solar power systems costs for installing solar panels are decreasing day-by-day. Government-supportive policies also play a major role in making solar power system installation more affordable. It is also like an upfront investment which results in long-term savings on electricity bills. All this financing helps make solar system for home more affordable.

Myth 3: Maintenance of Solar Panels is Difficult

Solar panels need maintenance that includes only occasional cleaning to remove dust and debris which can be done with water and a soft sponge. New modern solar for home is designed and known for their durability even in the worst weather conditions. Overall, solar panels do not need too much maintenance.

Myth 4: Solar Panels Will Damage your Roof

If you hire professionals to install solar panels it will not damage your roof, rather it will protect the roof by acting as a barrier against various weather elements. Professionals will ensure that panels are securely mounted using appropriate techniques that do not compromise the integrity of the roof.

Myth 5: Solar Energy is Only for Daytime Use

Sunlight is an essential element for solar panels to generate electricity that’s why you can see power is generated through solar panels even during daylight hours. Nowadays many solar panels are connected to the grid and can export excess electricity back to the grid during the day and draw from the grid at night. Energy storage solutions like batteries can also store the excess energy for nighttime use.

Myth 6: Solar Panels Aren’t Efficient Enough

Solar Panels have improved over the years. Not all sunlight is indeed converted into electricity but new modern solar for home is developed with higher efficiency rates than before. Modern solar panels are coming with new technologies that eradicate problems regarding efficiency.

Myth 7: Solar Panels Do Not Work in Cold Weather

Solar panels absorb energy from the sun’s abundant light and not the sun’s heat. That’s why cooler climates regions experience optimal solar power system performance. It’s true that solar panels mostly rely on sunlight, so shorter daylight hours in winter might result in slightly lower energy production.

Myth 8: Solar Panels Depreciate the Value of Your House

Solar for home seems to be more environmentally friendly and energy-sufficient which can be more attractive. So, in this sense installing solar for home enhances the beauty of your house. Studies have shown that solar panels can provide a positive return on investment by reducing energy bills and increasing property value.

Solutions by Freyr Energy

One of the best solar companies in India, Freyr Energy, has been instrumental in influencing the adoption of solar energy for residential use. Freyr Energy has been essential in busting stereotypes about household solar power systems with its knowledge and creative solutions. Freyr Energy continues to provide households with correct information and practical ways for embracing solar energy with assurance by providing specialised consulting, affordable installations, and dependable grid connectivity.

Solar Panels Don’t Work Well in India’s Climate:

Expert Consultation: The expert at Freyr Energy addresses every concern of homeowners about how to choose solar panels according to their needs. Experts also educate homeowners about how to generate power even in diffused sunlight.

Customized Solutions: After considering all factors like Local climate, sunlight patterns, energy requirements, etc. which may affect solar energy power production prepare a customized solution for our customers.

Solar Installations Are Too Expensive: 

Financial Analysis: To let people understand the long-term financial benefits of solar installations Experts at Freyr Energy, one of the best solar companies in India conduct a thorough financial analysis, considering all factors like upfront costs, potential savings on electricity bills, and available incentives.

Affordable Solutions: Many payment plans and financing options are initiated by Freyr Energy for solar panel installations. It makes solar power systems for homeowners more accessible.

Solar Panels Will Damage Your Roof:

Professional Installation: Freyr Energy’s professionals have good experience in installations and follow all the good practices to reduce the damages caused to the roofs of houses during installations of Solar systems for homes

Quality Assurance: Freyr Energy has the best performance monitoring system called Freyr Energy Solar App and installation techniques that are designed to be roof-friendly. 

Solar Energy Is Only For Daytime Use:

Grid-tied solar options that Freyr Energy offers for solar for home which enables homeowners to export excess energy back to the grid when not in use during the day. As a result of this, they can earn credits or get paid for excess energy production. 

Freyr Energy, among one of the best solar companies in India, provides all the services that a new person who is unaware of the basics of Solar for home. We provide expert consultations who after researching all the requirements prepare a customized solution for the customer. We have experienced professionals for the installation of solar system for home in India to reduce any defects that may be caused to roofs during installations. Freyr Energy also provides finance solutions to install solar for home which also make solar power more accessible to everyone.

Asked Questions

Yes, A 3kW solar system is ideal, providing clean energy to cool your home sustainably.

Yes, but that can be done with water and a soft sponge to remove dust and debris.

It depends on various factors: your energy consumption or how many appliances you use. But usually, an Indian home needs 9-15 solar panels for a 3kw-5kw system.

It costs Rs.2,00,000 But after subsidy the 3kw solar panel price isRs. 1,60,000

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