Kerala is known as God’s own country for its beautiful nature and mythological background. With beautiful hilly and valley areas, this state has a strong potential for solar energy production. With the geographical location and the amount of sunlight it receives, the state has been doing a great job in generating solar energy in India. Currently, the state is able to produce 723 MW from solar energy.

The current demand in Kerala for electricity has already crossed 100 million units as per the survey done in April 2023 and this is a growing demand. Kerala state has sources of energy in all forms. Kerala owns thermal, wind, and solar power plants to meet the requirements of state power needs.

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In 2022-23, Kerala state has produced 856.63 M units. The Cochin airport in Kerala is the first airport to use solar power for all its needs. With 46,000 solar panels, this airport solar plant generates 12 mW of power. The big solar project in Kerala is in Kayamkulam, with 101.6 MW of power generation. This solar plant is floating over the backwater region. Solar power in Kerala can help meet the increasing demand for clean energy.

By the end of 2022 Kerala state had 400 homes with rooftop solar panels. The Kerala State Electricity Board(KSEB) has a plan to extend 800 homes by the end of 2023. With the solar plant of 2kW capacity, each home can generate 8 units of power each day. This will be a huge contribution towards solar power generation towards the state power requirement goals and thus towards national solar generation goals.

Benefits of Solar Panels in Kerala

  • LOWER YOUR POWER BILL: Solar panels, when installed on rooftops, can generate sufficient power for the home. The solar panels are installed based on the calculation of the power needs of the home. As sunlight in nature is abundant, there will be no issue of a resource for power generation. This will help in lowering the power bills and at times there may not be any bill for the local grid.
  • GENERATE YOUR OWN ELECTRICITY: Solar panels are installed over the rooftops to generate the required electricity. The power to be generated is calculated based on the average energy consumption of the previous year. The installation cost is a one-time investment. Thus, one can generate their own electricity for household requirements.
  • IMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENT: Solar energy is clean energy as it does not emit any harmful toxic gases, unlike coal-generated energy or any other fuel. This will help keep the environment safe with the natural resources.
  • SOLAR ENERGY IS A LONG-TERM INVESTMENT: Solar plants need a one-time investment for installation, after which the consumer can reduce their energy bills for the next 20-25 years. Based upon the power generation capacity, the consumer can use the power for his routine electricity needs and sell the access power to the local power grids which is in turn an earning.

Solar System price in Kerala

The cost of solar panels varies depending on the capacity of the panel. The solar installation in Kerala will be based on the requirements of the individual home or the housing society. Let us understand the solar panel price in Kerala and look at the estimated cost based on the kW power generation. 

  • To generate 1kW Solar System energy, the estimated cost will be Rs. 95,000 to 1,10,000.
  • To generate 2kW Solar System energy, the estimated cost will be Rs. 1,20,000 to 1,40,000.
  • To generate 3kW Solar System energy, the estimated cost will be Rs. 1,60,000 to 1,80,000. 
  • To generate 4kW Solar System energy, the estimated cost will be Rs. 2,10,000 to 2,30,000.
  • To generate 5kW Solar System energy, the estimated cost will be Rs. 2,60,000 to 2,90,000.
  • To generate 10kW Solar System energy, the estimated cost will be Rs. 5,00,000 to 5,20,000. 

To achieve the goal of meeting the growing demand for power generation, the first requirement is a suitable environment for solar generation. The second will be the solar panels with the right quality. Hence the consumers need the standard company panels to depend upon the solar energy for their home for years together. 

Freyr is one such company to help with rooftop solar plants in Kerala.

Why Freyr for solar power generation in Kerala

Freyr provides high-quality solar panels. Freyr provides the business with very clear documentation.  The installation is made easy with custom-designed solar solutions for each consumer and the customer will be happy to see a 90% reduction in their power bills.

How Freyr helps

Not only in Kerala but in many states of India, Freyr helps consumers with subsidies based on the rules with state rules. The company has introduced solar loans to encourage more rooftop solar plants. With quick approvals, customers can quickly get their installation work done and start saving their electricity bills.

EDFI Electrify is a global initiative in providing clean energy worldwide. This is managed by the European Union and helps in accelerating the process of clean energy installations like solar energy. This aims to provide power to developing countries with a clean, sustainable, renewable, and affordable power supply with the necessary funding,

Freyr also works on the same module and hence with Freyr, Kerala state can meet the goal of 800 rooftop solar plants and help the customers to produce and sell clean energy. Freyr provides solar loans with zero-cost EMI options for a tenure of 3 to 6 months.

The 24*7 customer service support is an added advantage for any queries to avail the uninterrupted power supply due to any technical issues.


In conclusion, the schemes for solar panel subsidy in Kerala provide an opportunity for homeowners and housing societies to transition to clean and sustainable energy sources, while also enjoying financial benefits and contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions. By availing of the subsidies, individuals and entities can significantly reduce their initial investment costs and increase their system’s return on investment.

It is important to note that the subsidies are subject to eligibility criteria and availability, and the procedures for applying for and obtaining the subsidies can vary depending on the scheme and the implementing agency. Therefore, it is advisable to do thorough research and seek guidance from trusted experts before making any decisions regarding solar panel installation and subsidy applications in Kerala.

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