Overview of the Project:

Naveen Kumar, a resident of Bangalore, Karnataka was keen on reducing his mounting electricity bills. Our team visited his residence to understand his energy requirements and space availability. With Freyr Enterprise platform, the team was able to submit a detailed proposal to him. The team designed the system such that the solar panels could be installed on the RCC roof and tin shed on his residence.

Post his installation, Naveen has downloaded the SunPro+ app and is able to easily understand the power generated by his system on a daily basis. Talking about his experience, Naveen comments "Transparency had impressed me from the start. SunPro+ app gives me real-time data on my system. I have already referred Freyr Energy to my friends and family too."

3kW solar plant at Bengaluru

System Size & Location:

3 kW solar plant installed at Bangalore, Karnataka


Naveen Kumar’s solar installation of 3kW is equivalent to planting 48 trees and reducing 4 tons of CO2 emission annually. The 3kW system generates 360 units of electricity per month approximately.