Solar power has transformed households across India over time. These panels have brought in a ton of new utilities that have embedded the usage of renewable energy to a point where dependency and acceptance of solar-powered devices are at their highest. There have been several positions of advantage that have increased the uses of solar power applications, not just in lighting but across different devices and daily use cases. Read on to learn more about this.

Top ways to use solar panels in homes:

Let us check out the uses of solar power in homes that serve as an alternative, renewable and a green source of energy: 

uses of solar power

An alternate source of electricity:

The biggest and most popular use case of solar power is as an alternative source of domestic electricity. Many home-based appliances and lighting can be powered with solar heat energy transformed into electricity. This, in turn, reduces regular coal-based electricity consumption and, therefore, reduces the monthly bills. Additionally, as a popular form of clean and green energy, solar power contributes 0% of pollutants or any other harmful emissions.

Solar water heaters:

An interesting use case of solar energy is with solar water heaters. These are available in two different types, each involving the application of solar energy to heat the water. 

These two types of solar water heaters are as follows:

  • Direct/active water heater: These are typically pump-based water heaters that run through solar power. The heating takes place as a direct result of the pumps working to boil the water.
  • Indirect/passive water heater: The passive water heater works with a different principle. Instead of using pumps to heat up, the solar water collectors directly boil cold water and transfer heat before the water is received via facet.

Solar cooker:

Solar cooking is a way to use direct sunlight in panels that convert into heat energy and allow the cooking of almost all food dishes. Whether it is a pot, frying pan, or any other utensils, cooking is easy with solar cookers without any application of LPG-based gas stoves.

Solar ventilation fan:

Solar exhaust or solar ventilation fans are among the most popular and cost-effective types of exhaust fans that are installed in households. One of the striking features of using a solar ventilation fan concerns the low and comparatively affordable installation costs. Once done, the overall cost of maintaining a solar exhaust fan is at par or sometimes even cheaper than installing conventional electricity-based exhaust fans. Structure-wise, it is similar to a conventional metal-based ventilation fan, but the utility completely depends on the amount of solar energy generated.

Portable solar fan:

As the summer heats up and the mercury scorches up the weather conditions, there is one great way to make the most use of solar fans. Much like a regular pedestal fan or even a ceiling fan, a portable solar fan is highly efficient in terms of performance. The fan needs to be placed in such a place where sunlight is imminent and the device gathers enough sun’s radiation to convert it into a productive energy resource. Solar-powered fans are seeing an excellent boom in terms of fanfare, and many Indian houses are switching to its usage.

Charging EV batteries:

One of the biggest breakout facts of solar-powered systems is the ability to generate energies that would charge up EVs to a great level. Although the technology related to EV charging with purely solar power is in its nascent stages, the future looks bright for a time when 100% charging using solar power would be imminent. For now, it is more than possible to charge a vehicle using solar panels and use it for regular commutes within the city range. Another astounding fact about solar-based charging is the option of bidirectional charging techniques, which would allow it to send excess power back to the grid without dissipating. The technology is getting ready for the future of EVs as a whole.

Solar cells for lighting homes:

For people intending to beautify their homes with lights and decors, home beautification using solar lights and lamps is the best bet. This is particularly useful for decorating while hosting house parties and get-togethers. There are a ton of new and interesting varieties of solar lighting options that can dazzle your house with the cost of no regular electricity but are completely powered with green solar energy.

Solar chimney:

Solar energy is so convenient that it can be used both for heating and cooling at room temperature with the help of solar chimneys. A solar chimney uses direct sunlight and air to compress heat energy in different forms and works wonders to keep the interiors warm and comfortable. In comparison to conventional chimneys, a solar chimney is far more economical and reduces the overall cost of plumbing and setting up.

Solar-enhanced home security device:

The uses of solar power in homes exceed all expectations in several segments. One of the more recent yet increasingly popular applications of solar energy is the application of such energy as a form of home security device. Also, people have reported the battery shelf life of a CCTV based on solar energy has done exceedingly well with the performance and lasts for a considerable amount of time. Some solar-powered cameras claim to last for a few months before they are recharged once again. 

Solar dryer:

Solar dryers are arguably one of the fastest-growing alternatives to conventional fruit dryers. Not only do solar-powered dryers have the advantage of drying out the moisture from fruits and vegetables, but they assure an ample amount of sunlight-based drying that doesn’t combine any artificial or chemical stuff. For farmers, solar-based dryers assist in getting a superior quality yield and allow them to increase the production as a result. 

Final thoughts:

Freyr Energy is a flagship carrier of India’s mission in the segment of solar-powered utilities. The company is on a mission to make all homes in India transform with the usage of several home-based solar power applications. With the government of India insisting people to adopt solar power dependencies with lucrative subsidies and solutions, Freyr Energy has garnered support to install over 200+ homes with solar power panels. 

The components installed are tested, and the regular solar panel has a vast durability of more than 20 years. Thus, sustainability is never a question for such panels. Freyr Energy supports all types of residential installation of panels and offers affordable financial options. Feel free to reach out to Freyr Energy with your concerns about installation/ servicing or anything related to solar panel systems at homes.


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