Improving Solar System Performance: Four Actionable Tips for Better Results

Four Tips to Increase Solar System Performance

Once correctly installed, a solar energy system requires little maintenance. A quality solar system can easily last for more than 15 years. Generally, Solar panels come with a 25-year performance warranty. But with proper care, you can expect a consistent output for even longer. However, keep the following maintenance guidelines in mind to ensure our solar system is in good working order.

1. Avoid Shaded Areas

Solar panels perform best when there is no shadow cast on them. A shadow cast on even a portion of one solar panel in your solar array can jeopardize the overall system’s performance. The first obvious step to improving the performance of your solar panel array is to locate it where there will be no regular shadow. . When determining if a neighboring object might cast a shadow on your roof, it’s critical to consider all hours of day and seasons of the year. Using professional mapping tools such as Google SketchUp, we at Freyr Energy would be able to do a shadow analysis and ensure the solar panel arrays are placed in a shadow-free space.

2. Keep them Clean

Many people question if solar panels, like other objects, require cleaning. And the answer to this is a big yes. The Solar panels must be kept clean. One must always keep an eye out for any dirt on the solar panels and ensure it doesn’t accumulate as clean panels absorb more sunlight. A super-easy way to clean is to use a garden hose to wash the solar panels during the early morning or evening time. You should clean your solar panels once every month.

3. Get an Expert to Install Your Solar System

Expertise in everything necessitates knowledge. And the same should be considered while installing a Solar panel. If solar panels are not installed correctly, they won’t get as much sunlight as they should and will produce less electricity. Verify if the company has been recognized or awarded by top solar industry organizations.

4. Monitor Performance of Your Solar System

If your panels are not producing as much power as expected, how would you know what’s wrong? Nowadays, many solar systems have monitoring features, allowing homeowners and businesses to examine solar panel performance in real-time. Here’s an even better way to measure the output of your solar panels: use the Freyr SunPro+ app to remotely monitor the operation of your system from anywhere at any time. Freyr Energy makes it as easy as possible to switch to solar energy. We specialize in solar installation and ensure information clarity and a hassle-free experience from pre-sale to post-installation. We also offer financial support for rooftop solar systems on Indian homes, as well as specialized solar solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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