Solar Panel Price in Jaipur: Meeting the Growing Demand for Power System Solutions

Growing Demand for Rooftop Solar in Jaipur

The sun does more than just provide light; each ray of Sunlight that reaches earth contains energy that fuels our planet. The sun’s heat and radiation can be easily harnessed through technologies like- photovoltaics and solar thermal energy. Solar energy can easily replace the traditional forms of energy and it can help you reduce your monthly electricity bills.

Rooftop solar in Jaipur-

The solar surge in Jaipur is hard to miss. With blazing temperatures in the 40-degree range, the increased demand for electricity can be met efficiently by solar solutions in Jaipur.

Solar energy can cut down your electricity bill for home and business by up to 90%. If you want to install a solar system on your roof the system size depends on your electricity consumption. For example, a 3kW system can offset a monthly electricity bill of Rs. 2,500. Installing the system is also equivalent to planting 51 trees annually. The price of a 3kW system in Jaipur is ₹1,53,000 as on 2nd March 2021. Depending on your energy consumption, our team can suggest the appropriate system size for you.

Why should you get your solar panel installed?

Installing a solar system allows you to go green and lower your carbon footprint. It cuts down on everyday expenses of your home and operational costs for your business by eliminating your electricity bill. Solar panels come with a life of 25-30 years and require very less maintenance.

Right now Solar is one of the best investments you can make. It can give you an assured ROI of 25%-30%. Which mean, if you invest ₹1,00,000 on your solar system you can expect a return of ₹25,000 to ₹30,000 every year.

Freyr Energy is one of the top 15 solar companies in India with 2,500 happy customers across 22 states. You can now get a quick estimate, the recommended system size, and the price for your solar system by generating a quick quote with our customerApp – SunPro+. We also provide attractive financing options to help you go solar now with little to no upfront payment.

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