4 Reasons Why Freyr Should Be Your Preferred Solar Company

4 Reasons Why Freyr Should Be Your Preferred Solar Company

If you are thinking of installing solar panels at your rooftop, let us give you some compelling reasons and assure you that going Solar is the right choice.

The biggest advantage is cost savings. As you generate your own power, you end up using less electricity from the grid, thereby cutting down on the monthly electricity bill. Solar systems need almost no maintenance and the only thing you need to do is to clean the panels often to remove any dust or debris. This ensures maximum sunlight is captured and you get the optimum power generation.

Solar energy is that it is the cleanest forms of energy to use. Ample tropical sunlight in India makes solar panels best suited for the Indian households, looking to be self-reliant in terms of energy generation. The world is moving towards eco-friendly consumption practices, then why stays back? Adopt solar energy and do your bit for the environment!

A survey we conducted as the best solar brand in India, was able to conclude that many of our customers who were interested in solar, deferred their purchase as they felt the transition cumbersome. The unavailability of relevant & accurate information to help decision making in addition to having to deal with multiple entities, through the journey of owning a solar system was highlighted as a key hindrance for many customers. Hidden costs, lack of transparency and lack of after-sales support are some other concerns.

To address these issues, we as one of the best solar companies in India have launched a ‘first-of-its-kind’ app – SunPro+. The app will provide a seamless experience of exploring, owning, and experiencing solar energy with these solutions:

Regardless of your location, with SunPro+ you can immediately access all necessary and relevant information regarding Solar. Queries that are more specific are answered by our chatbot, SunBot.

It is essential that the solar proposal shared by the company provides all details such as – make of key components, timelines, payment terms, etc. With SunPro+, you can get all information with just a few clicks. In case you decide to purchase a solar system, you can place an order and track every step of the installation using SunPro+.

We at Freyr Energy ensure that we make the entire transition to solar simple & hassle-free. We take up end-to-end execution of the project from designing, procurement, installation to commissioning.

Solar systems have an average life span of 25 years. SunPro+ helps you track your system’s performance, savings, etc with ease. As we track system performance every 15 minutes, we are able to proactively provide any support needed. You will also receive notifications when your system requires cleaning or maintenance.

Additionally, SunPro+, also ensures safekeeping of all relevant documents, including warranty documents, related to your solar system available in the app.

Download SunPro+ now – to explore, own, and experience solar energy with ease.

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