The Significance of Solar Energy Adoption in Pune: Why Go Solar?

Why is it Necessary to go Solar in Pune?

Pune is India’s eighth most populous city and the second-largest metropolitan in the state of Maharashtra. Education, manufacturing, and information technology are the pillars of the local economy. Pune has a high demand for power. Rising temperatures and increasing consumption in homes were the key triggers for Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited to declare a record power demand of 21,570 MW in Pune last year. This necessitates the use of a long-term energy source, such as solar.

Why Should You Go Solar in 2021 in India?

India is the cheapest producer of solar power in the world. Solar electricity can be easily generated by homeowners or apartment communities, commercial and industrial units by installing a rooftop solar system. The federal and state governments offer numerous incentives and subsidies to help with capital costs. Solar energy production of 1 KW unit saves 41 tonnes of CO2 per year, which is the equivalent of planting 49 trees. Additionally, if you choose net metering in Maharashtra, you will need to pay only for the difference between what you use and what you export to the grid. This usually results in a higher return and faster payback.

Maharashtra has one of the Highest Electricity Tariffs in India

Residential electricity costs in Maharashtra are among the highest in India. Electricity rates generally increase by 4-5 percent every year. The best way to combat growing electricity prices is to generate your own electricity. The only practical option is to go solar, and to do so in a cost-effective and dependable manner. This is where your empty rooftop comes in handy. Every household nowadays may save lakhs of rupees by installing a rooftop solar power system if they have an unused rooftop. You can start saving on your power bill and see a reduction of 80-90% from the first day.

Why is There a Rise in Solar System Installations in Pune?

Pune is a city that receives a lot of sunlight, and Maharashtra’s Solar Policy urges all people to move to the sunny side. You can opt for MSEB’s (Discom in Pune) net metering service, and choose an on grid solar system. This can save you a lot of money on battery maintenance and replacement, while getting paid from the units you export.

Rooftop solar panels aid in the reduction of reliance on fossil fuel power plants. This lowers carbon emissions while also easing the load on the transmission and distribution system. Freyr Energy makes the transition to solar energy as smooth as possible. From pre-sale to post-installation, we ensure information clarity and a hassle-free experience. Freyr Energy has been approved to provide financial assistance to homeowners in Pune who install solar panels on their roofs.

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