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The Future of Green Energy: Innovations and Emerging Technologies

In the times when fossil fuel-led domination in different energy sectors is at a record excess, it is the environment that’s getting affected the most. Scientists and governments are slowly but steadily adopting green energy, which often originates from renewable technology (sometimes nonrenewable) sources and remains clean of pollutants that cause several environmental problems.

The challenge is here: Saving the environment with new innovation in renewable energy which is sustainable and pollutant-free technology. The trend has picked up more eyeballs, especially when evidence of fossil fuel harming nature is becoming more prevalent and rising to alarming levels.

In a time of desperate measures, green energy innovations is acting like a saviour in so many ways.

The Need for Green Energy

The talk and adaptation of green energy resources have been implemented in different sectors for a long time. Simple sources like solar renewable energy, biomass, hydroelectric energy, and wind energy are among the most commonly seen sources of green energy. 

None of these sources incurs or cause any effects of ozone layers and causes a climate crisis nor releases harmful fumes.

In short, green energies are the most sustainable energy innovations that cause minimal to no damage compared to fossil fuels and other forms of energy.

Let us compare some properties of green energy and how they change the equation for the future:

The Present and the Future of Green Energy

Green Energy has grown in importance with more people realising the plus points and benefits the form of energy is bringing about. 

As per the Union Minister for Power, New and Renewable Energy in India, the country has achieved the remarkable feat of installing 168.96 GW of renewable energy in the first quarter of 2023.

In a country with over 1.3 billion population, the hope for more dependence on renewable energy sources would increase. The government has confirmed a total of over 3.1 lakhs MU of electricity has been generated at the beginning of the year. The numbers look positive, considering the government planning to achieve a whopping 500 GW of non-fossil green energy resources by 2030.

With that said, let us check out the top innovations that green energy has to offer today:

Innovations in the Green Energy Field

Emergence of Floating Solar Panel

Solar Energy in India is easily the biggest source of renewable green energy today. Much like conventional solar panels installed on terraces, the new emergence of floating photovoltaics, or FPV, is gaining more popularity. 

The reason? 

Conventional land solar panels consume hefty land space and with floating photovoltaics, the panels are now used in water surface bodies like canals, lakes, and dams. Despite the concept being relatively newer, it has received an all-positive remark till now.

Biodiesel Locomotives

Indian railways have manufactured and have transformed several diesel-run locomotives to now run with biodiesel. 

Biodiesel is a remarkable renewable energy innovation which is a green energy resource. The success of biodiesel means it would be imminent to see more diesel locomotives getting powered with biodiesel in the future of energy technology.

Concentrated Solar Power

One of the biggest breakthroughs in Solar Power Technology is the application of Concentrated Solar Power or CSP. The idea is to use a combination of lenses that points at sunlight on the receiver and then the heat runs the turbine to generate electricity. 

The technology has given birth to ideas like advanced heat transfer fluids, which enhance overall efficiencies and boost system features to maintain consistent power generation even on non-sunny days.

Emerging Technologies

Hydrogen, The Next Biggest Revelation

Hydrogen is the most abundant clean fuel that exists on planet Earth today. India is set to be the hub for clean green hydrogen gas and targets a production of 5 million metric tons of green hydrogen gas by the year 2030. 

On a larger scale, this saves a whopping 50 million metric tons of greenhouse gases and a net carbon footprint, which in turn allows a hefty savings of 12 billion USD in fossil fuel purchases by the time annually.

Changing the Course of Battery Technology

Lithium batteries are the most used forms of batteries which are causing the slow depletion of lithium reserves globally. 

More because of EVs, whose battery components run with Li-ion batteries. The good news is with the emergence of aluminium cells and Li-ion alternatives that boost fast charging measures in a short time.

Geothermal All the Way

Ladakh is set to be the hosting ground of India’s first geothermal project. The power usage of heat coming from Earth’s core is going to change the face of heat energy and consequent usage at an industrial level.

The Way Forward

The Green Clean Energy movement determines the future of our upcoming generation. With problems like the climate crisis and the emission of greenhouse gases, the need for sustainable yet stable energy is at its highest. 

With Solar Energy in India and other sources of sustainable green energy, we are safely but surely looking forward to a promising future of green energy that’s devoid of any harmful emissions in the future.

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