Andhra Pradesh, also known as India’s Sunrise State, is one of the oldest states in India, located in its southern part. It ranks in the top ten states when it comes to size, both by geography and population. The Sunrise State of Andhra Pradesh is one of the fastest-growing states in India in terms of its Green energy practices, making it the country’s second-largest clean energy producer.

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The state currently contributes to 10% of India’s renewable energy production with a total capacity of 8,220MW. Currently, the state has installed more than 3,500MW of solar power plants. Even during the midst of the pandemic, the state has commissioned 229MW of solar power plants.

Subsidy for Going Solar

Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Corporation Limited (APEPDCL) announced that residential customers interested in installing grid-connected rooftop solar (RTS) plants will now be eligible for central financial assistance. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has sanctioned 8 MW capacity in the residential sector under Phase II of the RTS program for APEPDCL with timelines for completion of allocation capacity in 15 months.

That opens a window for potentially 2600 plus residents of the state who own a proper terrace to avail of the scheme, assuming a typical size of 3 KW of the solar rooftop. With this new scheme in Andhra Pradesh which promotes solar power, a solar rooftop system of 1 KW will cost Rs. 50,000. The government, in its move, is set to encourage house owners to install such systems by giving subsidy by government. The government unveiled its renewable energy export policy, which applies to solar projects. The state was given the ability to use potential land for setting up projects to export power to other states, attracting investments and generating revenue in the process.

Freyr Rooftop Solar Installation

Despite being an energy surplus state, Andhra Pradesh has come up with ways to promote solar. With the upcoming changes in the solar rooftop regulations, the solar rooftop segment will face a notable difference in the next few years. And when talking about the solar rooftop, Freyr is that one thing that comes along. Freyr Energy makes it as easy as possible to switch to solar energy. We specialize in solar installation and ensure information clarity and a hassle-free experience from pre-sale to post-installation. We also provide financial assistance for rooftop solar system installations on Indian homes, along with customized solar solutions tailoring your specific needs.

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