Overview of the project: 
Badri Prasad was keen on making a positive impact on the environment. After extensive research, he found solar to be the right choice. He placed an order with us in February 2020 for a 5kW system for his house. Our design team conducted a site survey to finalise the design. The final installation of the solar panels was done on 2 metal shed roofs to maximise space utilization.
"Freyr Energy's solar solution has given be a simple & efficient way to reduce the impact on the environment while saving money. Overall it has been a hassle-free experience. Your team was always available to clear any queries." says Badri Prasad. He was also able to get a solar subsidy offered by the government too.
System Size and Capacity:
Freyr Energy installed a 5kW solar plant at Hyderabad, Telangana
By installing a 5kW system, Badri Prasad has helped in reducing 8 tons of CO2 emission every year, equivalent to planting 88 trees annually. He also saw his electricity bill reduce by 90% in the first month itself.
Badri prasad