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4 things to keep in mind before evaluating Solar Quotes

The solar industry has seen tremendous growth in India in recent years. Our favorable geographical location in the tropics, growing need for renewable sources of energy, and attractive government incentives have encouraged the growth of numerous solar companies in India.

So, you have ample choices when you decide to go solar for your home or business.

Nevertheless, you should know that not all solar company offers are equal. Unless you choose reliable and reputed solar companies in India for your solar panel installation, you could end up losing money and facing unnecessary hassles.

Save yourself from such inconveniences by paying attention to the following factors when evaluating different solar power offers to make your decision.

Factors to consider when evaluating solar system offers

Solar warranty: Scope and details

A solar warranty protects the customer against likely system defects, equipment failure, and environmental factors that are beyond your control. So, it is like a safety net in case something goes wrong after the system installation.

Offers from reliable and established EPCs will disclose the make and warranty of all key components in the installation. The overall system warranty should be at least five years to ensure good value for money.

Installation materials

The mounting structures play an important role in maintaining structural stability. Not only should they withstand daily wear and tear, but they should also hold up in adverse weather. The parts should be constructed using durable, sturdy materials since the solar panel installation will be placed outdoors.

Casings and frames should be made of aluminum or be galvanized (with at least 80-micron thickness) for optimal operation. Aluminum is preferred because it is light but displays the same performance quality as steel.

Additionally, the structure should also have a wind resistance speed of at least 150 kmph to remain stable.

Aspects that the offer covers

A solar system offer is cost-effective only if it covers all the relevant aspects of solar power generation for homes and businesses.

Ideally, the EPC should handle all aspects including system supply, installation, maintenance, and net metering. Net metering is an electricity billing procedure in which solar energy owners earn incentives for supplying the excess energy from their solar power system to the utility grid. The EPC contract should cover the installation cost and operation of net metering also.

After-sales support

Before you sign a solar offer, evaluate whether they handle all operations in-house or outsource it to sub-contractors. Hiring third-party vendors for certain jobs may help them cut costs. However, there should not be any compromise on the quality of service.

A good EPC company will have clear guidelines on how after-sales support will be handled. All systems will have remote monitoring and their team will be responsible for critical aspects. Look for reviews from existing customers to ascertain the quality of service the company provides.

Freyr Energy ensures that customers get exactly what they sign up for. Our solar power offers are transparent and straightforward, with all relevant information disclosed in the proposal itself. Additionally, our Freyr Energy app helps customers track the status of their orders and conveniently stay in touch with our sales team whenever they desire.

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