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Why Should You Trust Only Professional Residential Solar Installers?

With an increase in the number of homeowners recognizing the importance of solar energy, there has been a steady increase in the demand for residential solar installations. Home solar systems, though sound simple, involve a lot of aspects for which acumen is necessary.

We should also understand that solar installations carry an upfront cost, so care should be taken to entrust the job of installation to professional residential solar installers only. This will ensure that you have an optimally functioning solar system. You will also be able to get a return on your investment with significant savings in electricity bills. If you are looking to install a solar power system in your house, we are here to help, as we have listed the benefits of choosing a professional installer in this blog.

Professional Residential Solar Installers

What are residential solar systems?

Home solar systems or residential solar systems are solar energy installations in residential properties. The capacity of solar plants needed for homes is different from that of commercial buildings. So residential solar installers specifically design solar power systems for homes

Most of the residential solar systems are rooftop solar power systems. They absorb sunlight and generate electricity, which is used by homes in place of electricity supplied by the government.

Benefits of hiring professional residential solar installers

There are several aspects to be considered before a home solar system is installed, and only a solar expert can efficiently perform this activity. With the guidance of a solar professional, you have the following advantages:

Quality assurance

With government policies promoting solar energy extensively, a lot of solar companies have come up. However, not all are professional solar companies that can promise high-quality installation.

A professional solar installer uses outstanding quality equipment in the solar system. This ensures a long life for the panels, a most important aspect since they are exposed to nature all the time. The quality of the panels and other components decides the efficiency of the system. Having invested quite a sum in solar installations, it is expected that the plant performs efficiently in power generation and storage.

An inexperienced installer can use faulty components, which can impact the performance of the solar system. It may lead to frequent repairs and ultimately affect ROI. 

Expert team

Constructing a solar power system requires special expertise as it is an intricate process. Only an expert team can efficiently handle this. Various aspects, such as deciding the size of the plant, orientation, site assessment, inverter selection, technology, etc., have to be considered before installing a solar system.

An expert team is capable of providing customized quotes and assessment reports for home solar systems. They have experience in handling multiple sites and are aware of the complexities involved. This helps in commissioning a system with outstanding performance capabilities.

Warranty and support

Warranty is one of the critical aspects to look for when choosing a solar installer, and only professional solar installers can provide this. Solar installations should come with a warranty for the components used so that homeowners can rely on the company in case of any issues.

Many installers do not offer support after sales and leave homeowners with no choice when they face any problem. This can be avoided when you choose a professional solar system installation company. They provide commitment during the installation stage to offer support whenever the need arises during the normal course of the use of the system.


A solar power system has many electrical components, wirings, etc., and therefore, ensuring the safety of the users is essential. Earthing is one of the primary aspects to be concerned about. Professional solar companies have expert knowledge about such aspects and make necessary arrangements during installation.

They also understand the regulations governing solar plants as laid down by the government and ensure that their installation complies with the same. Professional installers prioritize the safety of the users and the plant.

Compliance with regulations

There are many regulatory requirements governing the installation of residential solar power systems. A professional installer is well aware of the rules and regulations. This may be with regard to location, mounting, wirings, size of the panels, number of panels, etc. 

Inexperienced installers can get users in trouble if they don’t understand the statutory regulations. They also do not provide any support, and for any changes to be made, users have to spend more due to the fault of the inexperienced company.

Efficient installation

Professional installers provide for efficient operation of the solar system installed by completing the project on time. They have end-to-end knowledge about the requirements and installation procedure. With their experience, they can complete the installation quickly using advanced technology.

Solar panel roofs have a lot of specifications to follow, which a professional solar expert takes care of. You will be left with an underperforming solar energy plant when you choose any inexperienced provider. Also, an efficient installation prevents the constant need for maintenance and additional expenditure for the same. 


While there are several residential solar installers, the need for professional experts can be justified by the above-mentioned points. If you are looking to install a solar system for your house, always look for professional companies with rich experience. They can provide you with valuable guidance to identify the right type of solar installations for your home and would be able to assist you even in the future when any issue arises.

Asked Questions

A professional installer can ensure a well-performing solar plant and take care of all aspects related to installation and after.

Yes, solar experts can efficiently guide you on the type of panels, number of panels, components, electrical connections, etc.

Yes, residential solar systems are increasingly becoming popular. With more subsidies and government assistance, the number is bound to increase.

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