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Why is this the Right Time to Go Solar for Delhi

Don’t we often wake up to the reports of pollution in Delhi? An IQ Air report shows Delhi had an air quality index of 331 AQI on 2nd Jan 2021 which is classified as ‘very poor’ and is hazardous for people living in Delhi. Many times we feel there is nothing much we can do about climate change or pollution in our city. But small steps we take in our homes and businesses can have an overarching effect on the environment. Choosing Solar is one such solution that can help the environment and also save you money. With solar power installation, you can enjoy more than one benefit. Read on to know more.

Top Reasons to Choose Solar Power for Your Home or Office in Delhi

Solar Energy is Abundant and Eco-Friendly

Solar energy uses the sun’s radiation to generate electricity and creates no harmful emissions that are toxic for our health ensuring a clean environment. With a life of 25years, a 3kW system can eliminate 125 tons of Co2 over its life.

Solar Power is Cost-Effective

Unlike other conventional power, solar power is affordable as it creates energy from the sun. This means there are no additional costs incurred due to consumables such as coal, petrol etc. With improved prices, subsidies and tax benefits, solar has become much more cost-effective compared to the grid tariff. Most of our customers have reduced their monthly electricity bills by 80-90%.

Solar Power doesn’t have any limitation on usage

Solar power can be used to power almost anything. Be it a tube light in your home, a streetlight on the road or a factory in your town – all can be run by Solar. Did you know that most of the satellites today run on solar. Freyr Energy has experience and expertise in solarising homes and businesses.

Solar Power is a Good Investment

When you are opting for solar energy, you are definitely making an investment which will be worth it in the future. Solar has a pay back period of 2-3 years, which is better than any other investment in the market today. For an investment of ₹1,00,000 you will get a minimum ROI of ₹25,000. There is no alternative investment which has such definite returns. With its long life, solar is one of a kind, risk-free, high return investment

Solar Power is Long-Lasting

Solar panels are durable and they can last more than you expect. There are different warranties available on solar panels that range between 25 to 30 years which is higher than any other sources of energy or fuel generators.

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