Guwahati's Solar Journey: The Importance of Assessing Solar Panel Installation Cost

Why is it Necessary to go Solar in Guwahati?

Assam’s economy is based on agriculture and oil. Assam produces more than half of India’s tea and is home to many Petroleum and natural gas-based industries. These industries rely heavily on electricity. Higher electricity costs can lead to increased production costs which impacts livelihoods. Tea farmers are also dependent on grid electricity or diesel generators to run their pumps. So if Assam switches to reliable solar energy, its industries can benefit hugely and cut down on production costs. Assam also has a tropical climate and gets sufficient sunlight making it ideal for solar set ups.

Renewable Energy Share in Assam is Dominated by Solar

Assam’s renewable energy potential is 14,487 MW, with solar accounting for the majority of it. Assam has set a goal of generating 688 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy by 2022, according to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. Solar energy will account for nearly 99 percent of this aim, or 663 MW, with minor hydro power projects accounting for the remaining 25 MW. Aside from being environmentally beneficial, rooftop solar installations can reduce dependency on expensive fossil fuels. Moreover, rooftop panels are compact, easier to set up, and more cost-effective in the long run. In order to increase awareness on electricity wastage, The Assam Power Distribution Corporation Limited (APDCL) has installed Prepaid metres under the ‘Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS)’. This prepaid meter will make consumers conscious and help in saving money. Such initiatives and increased subsidies for solar power installations could help the state meet two goals: boosting industrial productivity and increasing solar power output that reduces strain on power plants. Rooftop solar systems in Assam are currently being well publicized to encourage individuals, businesses, and enterprises to use their building rooftops to generate solar energy.

Freyr Energy and its Expertise On Solar

Freyr Energy is an expert in setting up solar equipment. With the government offering incentives and up to 70% subsidy for solar energy installations in Assam, there has never been a better time to invest in solar energy. Freyr Energy has implemented over 700 kW of projects in Assam and more than 100kW for residential projects. This has enabled Freyr Energy to emerge as a leader in the solar energy sector in Assam. So why wait? Make the switch to solar power today.

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