Exploring the Reasons Behind the Increasing Popularity of Grid-Connected Solar in India

Why is demand for grid connected solar growing in India?

The most extensively used type of rooftop solar in the world is an on-grid solar system, often known as a grid-tied solar system. These systems are great for consumers that have reliable grid electricity and few power outages. These systems can be used as the principal source of power in educational institutions, industrial units, and commercial businesses, besides homes. An on-grid system is designed to allow the client to utilize solar energy directly. If the consumer needs additional electricity, it is obtained from the grid.

Net Meters

If the customer’s energy demand is less than the electricity generated by the solar system, the excess units are exported to the grid. This is accomplished through the use of a ‘Net-meter.’ A net-meter is an electricity meter that keeps track of how much electricity is exported to and imported from the grid. The net energy consumption is recorded at the end of each month, and the consumer receives a bill. WIth net-meter, an on-grid solar system is a terrific investment with a high return.

Benefits of on-grid solar

1. Significant savings on power bills

With a net-meter in place, the consumer only pays for the excess electricity he consumes. Many of our customers have been able to save up to 90% on their monthly electricity bills.

2. Simple to maintain

The on-grid system’s maintenance is simplified by the absence of batteries. It also eliminates the cost of battery maintenance.

3. Works seamlessly with other power sources

These devices can also work in tandem with an on-site diesel generator. This is critical in case of a power outage

4. Better ROI

Because there are no batteries, the cost of an on grid solar system is cheaper than that of other types of solar systems.The consumer will see a 25–30% return on investment due to the low maintenance and savings on electricity bills. This means that for every Rs.100,000 invested in solar, the client earns Rs.25,000.

Freyr’s Specialization in Solar

Being one of India’s leading solar companies, we at Freyr recognize that investing in solar energy for your house can be a major step. No matter where you are in India, our presence ensures that you have a hassle-free experience. Furthermore, because of our empanelment with state nodal agencies, we are able to provide residential clients with solar subsidies.

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