We are excited to announce an equity investment of INR 18 Cr from Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures, Schneider Electric Energy Access Asia (SEEA Asia) and C4D Partners. Freyr Energy is one of India’s leading solar rooftop companies. The funds will help us accelerate growth and enhance customer experience in the residential and MSME segments.

Solar system for home

Last year, we launched our revolutionary customer App - SunPro+. With SunPro+, we were able to simplify the whole process of owning a solar system for homeowners and MSME’s. SunPro+ App captures the customers’ entire solar journey from exploring to owning and experiencing solar.

Florian Temime, Principal, Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures (the venture capital arm of Total) commented, “Freyr Energy has fully digitalize​d the customer journey thanks to its proprietary software environment SunPro+. We are convinced that this innovative software will ease the acquisition of rooftop solar customers and facilitate the​ entire customer journey from acquisition through to financing, execution and after sales service. We see SunPro+ as a key success factor for Freyr’s development.”

Gilles Vermot Desroches, President of SEEA Asia and SVP at Schneider Electric also believes that “Through the innovative and scalable SunPro+ solution, Freyr Energy can contribute to mass-market adoption of solar energy, generating significant environmental impact while creating employment opportunities within their network of vendors.”

Commenting on the follow-on investment by C4D Partners in Freyr Energy, Arvind, Partner, C4D Partners commented, “Through their technology, Freyr Energy has the potential to change how rooftop solar is sold and managed in India and other countries. Freyr Energy could bring much-needed consolidation in the sector. “ 

“Along with our existing investor C4D Partners, strategic investors like Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures and Schneider Electric Energy Access Asia provide us not only capital but global experience in the energy sector”, said Saurabh Marda, Managing Director of Freyr Energy.

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