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SunPro+, makes it easier for homes and businesses to transition to solar. Learn about solar, order a system, track project status and monitor system performance with SunPro+.

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Best Solar App in India

About SunPro+

SunPro+ is a one-of-a-kind app that makes the whole process of owning a solar system seamless and hassle-free. It captures the customers’ entire solar journey from exploring to owning solar.

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Challenges Customers Face Today

best app for solar system

Relevant & accurate information is not available in one place

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Hidden costs & lack of transparency

solar system monitoring app

Need to deal with multiple entities through their solar journey

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Lack of after-sales support

Key Features of SunPro+

  • Learn all about solar through resources from our knowledge centre
  • Assess your requirement & generate a quote instantly
  • Track the progress of your solar rooftop installation
  • Monitor the performance of your solar system with ease
  • Instant support for all your queries through the Sunbot
  • All documents related to your solar system available in the app
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Solar is ideal for

Best Solar App in India


best solar monitoring app

Commercials Establishments

best app for solar system


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