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Shree Cement – 3MW Solar Installed In Beawar, Panipat And Haridwar

By Sirisha Gade

Overview of the project: Shree Cement continues its leadership in being a responsible corporate by making investments in solar as one of its core sustainability focus areas. Mr Man Mohan Rathi, Sr. Vice President, further highlighted their environmental goals. “We have been very conscious about how we impact our surroundings and always taken proactive steps towards ensuring high levels of sustainability. The solar initiative is a move in that direction, and it gives us tremendous advantages of self-reliance, reduction in costs and reduction in our carbon footprint. Freyr Energy has proven its expertise by providing us with the right solution and has established itself as a partner of choice for our solar requirements.”

System size and capacity: 3 MW – installations are across 3 factories located in Beawar, 1MW Solar Plant at Factory Panipat and Haridwar.

Case for Solar in the cement Industry:

The annual energy consumption by the cement industry contributes close to 10 per cent of the total energy consumed in the entire industrial sector. Energy costs account for a significant percentage (approximately 30-40 per cent) of the total manufacturing cost. One of the major problems of the cement industry is the availability of power. A drastic cut in the electricity, shortage of coal, inadequate availability of wagons for transport, and limited availability of furnace oil contribute significantly to the issue. “Due to the nature of the industry, the cement plants are in remote, dry and hot areas that enjoy tremendous amounts of solar radiation; conditions ideal for deployment of solar plants. The industry can reduce its dependency on traditional power sources to a large extent and rely on solar solutions for its power needs” adds Saurabh Marda, MD of Freyr Energy.


Freyr has promised a performance guarantee of 16,60,000 kWh per year at each site in line to help Shree Cement meet some of its sustainability commitments. The amount of CO2 emission saved through the project will be 4098 tons per year from all three sites.

About our client(s):

Shree Cement is one of the largest cement manufacturing companies in the country. Shree Cement was the first Indian and the third Asian cement company to join the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Switzerland. As a member of CSI, the Company is committed to reducing their energy footprint, emission, by implementing best practices such as co-processing of AFR, improvement of health and safety, maintaining transparency among stakeholders and sharing its knowledge with other members

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