If you or anyone you know is constructing a house, office, factory, etc, you should be considering installing solar this new facility/house. Solar is one of the best ways to generate electricity. It not only helps in reducing or eliminating your electricity bill but also makes you energy independent. You can sell electricity to the grid and also contribute to the environment. If you are constructing a new house or a new facility for your business then it is the best time to invest in solar.

installing solar system

So when opting for a solar system for a new house or business, these things should be considered:

  • Roof Design: Solar panels are installed at an angle equal to the latitude of your location. The angle of your sloping roof can be kept similar to the latitude of your location. Our engineers will guide you with the exact angle ideal for the roof to suit solar installation. Orientation of solar panels installed should be south or south-east. Further, for 1kW solar system, 80sq.ft of shadow-free space is required on south facing roof.
  • Avoid Shadow: Designing and installing a solar system in new construction is relatively easier than already built infrastructure. This is because the space where solar panels are to be installed and the shadow analysis of that space can be done at the design stage of the building. With the help of our engineers, we can earmark the location of the solar panels. Objects like roof vents, chimneys, sky light etc can be planned in such a manner that they do not cast a shadow or hamper the working of solar system in any way.
  • Roof Structure: When solar panels are to be placed on the roof  or are to be embedded in the structure of the building, the load bearing capacity of that structure needs to be analysed. Our engineers can work along with your architect to provide inputs on the load of the solar system, so that the same can be incorporated in the design. Future enhancement of  the solar system size can also be considered & planned when designing the roof structure.
  • Solar Array Design and Predefined Installation: For an existing roof of a home or business building the installation points are considered depending on factors like slope, direction and load bearing capacity of roof. For a new roof with defined array size and earmarked location of solar array the mounting points can be easily integrated during construction which can save time and money. The solar system size can be estimated based on previous consumption pattern of inhabitants or planned electrical loads of the building. The earlier electricity bills, can help us understand the expected electricity consumption and suitable solar system can be designed.
  • Predefined Wiring and Component Placement: The wiring from solar panels to main electrical panels can be defined and can also be part of the electrical design in the building. Location of solar inverter and other equipment can be pre-defined along with specifications of main panel and circuit. This can ensure a much cleaner and easy installation of solar system with standard space and design.  

Apart from ease of installation and reduced cost of the solar system, going solar while constructing the building can also make it easier for you to get a loan for solar system installation along with your construction.You can contact us at Freyr Energy for any help regarding your solar design, installation and construction, expecting smooth solar transition.