Who does not want more? And why compromise when it comes to the power supply of your house? Solar panels generate energy when they are exposed to the sun, and further, this energy is converted to usable power for your home.

There are specific ways by which you can convert the energy to use it in your house. Either you can select to stay connected to the grid, completely get disconnected from the grid, or use a hybrid technology. The solar energy gets through the inverter, and either your house can use it, can be transferred back to the grid, or can be stored in a battery which can be used as a backup.

With the usage of Hybrid panels instead of Off-grid solar systems, you can always be sure that you have a backup, just like a UPS for a computer. In conditions with a complete black-out, or even if the weather is not on your side, you can always trust the Hybrid panels to get power.

hybrid solar system

How does a hybrid solar system work?

The complete unit of a hybrid solar system for home has solar panels along with an inverter that has a battery attached to it. When the sunlight falls on the panels, the energy is captured and sent to the inverter, which converts the energy to usable power.

On the other hand, with a good set of controls, a Hybrid solar system, along with a lithium battery, is a brilliant option.

What batteries are best for hybrid solar systems?

Numerous batteries could be used along with a Hybrid Solar System, but selecting the best one is essential to get the most efficient results. Panasonic and Sunpower solar batteries are great with the setup. These are among the most highly rated batteries by customers. They can also provide a long-lasting power backup without much maintenance.

Is installing a hybrid solar system better than going completely off-grid?

Going completely off-grid can sound like a unique idea, but it can be challenging in certain circumstances. When you go completely off the grid, you won't have a huge power backup. All you are left with is limited backup or, in a few circumstances, no backup, which isn't a very appreciable idea.

On the other hand, when you install a hybrid solar system, one thing that you can be sure of is the fact that you can be in charge of your power generation, unlike an Off-grid solar system. You can use and store energy which makes things easier.

Benefits of a hybrid solar system:

There are numerous benefits of using a hybrid solar system for home.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Hybrid Solar panel installation is all about a single-time investment. Hence, it is a way by which you can utilize solar energy to power up your house and, on the other hand, store a huge part of that energy in case you need a power backup in emergencies.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Using a hybrid solar system can bring flexibility and scalability to the entire power generation related to your house. You can generate more electricity at a lower cost with minimal effort.
  • Environmental sustainability: Using a solar panel is always beneficial for the environment. Hybrid Solar panels give the combination of using solar energy and getting to stay connected to the grid in case of emergencies or when you need a backup. No harmful environmental contaminants are produced during the energy generation process via the hybrid solar system, which improves the efficiency of these systems and makes them completely environmentally friendly. With Hybrid Solar panel installation, you can get power in one of the best environment-friendly ways.

Applications of the Hybrid system

Hybrid systems can be used over numerous places for different usages.

  • Automotive: When it comes to automotive, hybrid systems can be used along with internal combustion systems. Hence when there is the availability of sunlight to be used as a source of energy, one can avail the option, and on the other hand, one can also switch to the internal combustion system as required.
  • Manufacturing process: Different manufacturers and companies can use solar panels as the main power supply for their units. Most industries these days require a heavy amount of power supply, and by using a hybrid system, one can get relaxation from the dependence on the grid.
  • Smart grids: Smart grids are one of the most used grid systems these days. Usage of the hybrid system in such power grids is very common. Since the smart grids use digital and newer technology to auto-regulate the system, the usage of a hybrid system to keep switching between the sources of energy becomes essential.

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Most frequent questions and answers

This depends on the power usage of your house. If you want to run an inverter AC in your home, then you must install solar panels of at least 3kW.

There are many methods to measure solar panel power. You can connect the watt meter to the panel, to obtain the solar Panel power output. On the other hand, if you get to know the voltage and amperage regarding the current, all you need is to multiply them to get the power output.

There are three units of a hybrid solar system. These include a solar panel, a hybrid inverter, and a battery bank.

According to data, the average price of a 1kW hybrid solar power system in India is approximately 1,00,000. It might vary according to different companies and the power required by your house.

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