Freyr Solar Calculator: Here is how you can save big with solar!

Freyr Solar Calculator: Here is how you can save big with solar!

India’s solar installed capacity was 35,122 MW as of 30 June 2020. Everyone is interested to go Solar. You may already be aware of the environmental benefits and cost savings you could achieve by installing solar panels at your premise – be it your home/ business facility.

However, many may not know that we can personally calculate the potential savings from the solar system pertaining to the input with basic information. Freyr Energy helps you understand the appropriate system size, savings, price etc. with Freyr Energy Advanced solar calculator.

Freyr Energy’s online solar calculator is an easy and user-friendly tool that helps you in estimating the potential savings you can accrue, for your home or business when opting for solar panels. We wanted to keep this process simple for you and hence, we have designed an Indian solar calculator app in such a way that you get your estimated savings in just a few simple steps. All that is needed in this Indian solar panel calculator from you as an input is:

Your location
Your consumer category (Home/ Business)
Your average monthly electricity bill amount

This online solar calculator does not stop at just displaying your estimated savings. Based on the three inputs you have provided, this advanced <a href=””>solar calculator</a> will propose an optimized solar system, sufficient to meet your energy needs.

With this Indian solar calculator app, you have the benefit of not just knowing what your potential cost savings could be, but also get technically backed recommendations on optimum system size, monthly energy bill reduction potential, and an estimate on the space required to set up the system at your premises.

To get all of the above benefits, you can download SunPro+. Our team is prompt to respond and will contact you by understanding your needs. With the help of Freyr Energy’s advanced solar calculator and technical expertise provided by our team, we can design a system specific for your needs. Our team of certified and trained professionals ensures quick and quality installation. Now, you have more reasons to go Solar with Freyr Energy.

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