Unlocking the Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Malls and Shopping Centers

Advantages of installing a solar panel in a mall or shopping center

Solar energy is indispensable in many ways. Not only is it a completely natural and renewable source of energy, but the application and usage of such energy yields great results. One of the ways to maximize the sun’s potency is to install solar panels on terraces and plain lands of malls and shopping centers. The benefits are plenty, and from a business point of view, there is hefty savings in the electricity bills.

In the era of adapting to a new change in terms of using biodegradable and green energy, solar panels are one of the easiest means to reduce the dependence on coal-led power. For malls and businesses, consumption of power to a maximum of 10 MW or sometimes more means the usage of tons of coal-led power generation, thus adding more carbon footprints.

To put it in perspective, 10 MW can easily light up multiple localities and thousands of houses. While the bills per month in these malls range in plenty, one way to reduce them is by installing solar panels. The amount of power gained using the sun’s radiation can slash the cost of power per month and add to the profits made.

Installing a Solar Panel

How would malls benefit?

A full-fledged shopping mall spans acres of land with a fully air-conditioned interior, 

elevators, backup generators, overall lighting, security aspects, parking lights, and many more. All these electricity-based equipment and machines run almost the entirety of the day and end up consuming thousands of units of electricity per day. 

Installing solar power panels on open areas, most commonly in terraces, acts as an alternating source of power and contributes significantly in different segments. Although the usage of conventional power might still be largely imminent, the dependency on one source of power is drastically reduced. 

Solar panels come in different sizes and shapes and are always customizable to suit business needs. The one-time installation is what would make a difference and allow the panel to work for close to three decades. Therefore, businesses could easily make up the cost of a panel in no time and reap the benefit of affordable electricity bills for generations to come.

Solar panels: Ultimate savior for grid failures

Imagine the situation in a mall when there is a sudden grid failure in the vicinity. The probability of power disruption could easily dent any business performance and incur heavy losses till the power is restored. With solar panel installation, it is possible to reduce the majority of adverse effects of grid failures. These panels are equipped to function efficiently and generate temporary power till the main grids are restored. Thus, there is no downtime in the business.

Stepping up the brand reputation

The importance of installing a solar panel is far from just having a set of panels and benefitting on the monthly electricity bills. Instead, a solar panel installation earns a reputation for the business/mall for adapting to use of green energy and opens a positive image about the business, that it cares about the environment.

Additionally, Gen Z visitors are more inclined towards preferring brands and businesses that address an issue about the environment in any size or form. Installing a solar panel would intrigue them and make them appreciate the brands and the mall in general for joining hands to promote green and renewable energy. In fact, many malls across the world have incorporated the use of solar panels and have saved crores of rupees annually.

Government subsidies: additional benefits

The government of India has a list of schemes that encourage both individuals and businesses to adopt more solar panel setups. These subsidies and grants ensure that, right from the cost of installation to the overall business, savings are more affordable and encouraging. 

Net metering

Net metering benefits allow businesses to send any surplus power back to the power grid and thereby earn the benefits of having reduced electricity bills. The system allows and encourages more businesses to install solar panels and send the excess power back to the grid for additional savings.

Solar power: Smart investment for the future

Businesses revolve around making and investing money in several ventures. One of the smartest and popular means of investment is installing solar power panels. There are several reasons why:

Thus, from the time of investing in solar power installation to the usage in reducing power dependency, shopping malls can rake up their earnings even more with green solar energy. This, for sure, is a smart and stable investment.

How Freyr Energy is pioneering commercial spaces with a solar-based future?

Freyr Energy is on a mission to change the dynamics in both commercial and residential segments in India concerning the usage of solar energy. The company has been on the mission to increase the number of solar panels across various businesses across India, which include hospitals, malls, petrol bunks, and even small industries. Freyr Energy helps businesses customize the type and size of solar panels required and gives comprehensive support. In the end, the future of malls and commercial space is solar, and Freyr Energy is set to make this a reality.

Asked Questions

This highly depends on the equipment used and additionally the in-mall amenities comes into account. This could range anywhere between 50-100 kW.

Provided the panels are installed properly on areas with maximum sunshine, the ROI can typically be less than 4 years for such businesses. While the panel would sustain for decades to come.

Yes. With Net metering, this is a great way to maximize profits and sell excess power to distribution lines for a price.

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