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With 1,500+ happy customer, Freyr Energy is one of the fastest growing rooftop solar companies in India. We understand our clients’ energy requirements and are able to provide customized solar system installations.

At Freyr Energy, we use our proprietary platform SunPro+ to enhance customer experience and re-define the way solar business is done in India. Through SunPro+, our channel partners are able to custom design a solar system with minimal inputs instantly. The intuitive platform allows for anyone without a solar background to use it easily. Our extensive training programs for our solar channel partners ensure anyone having an excellent network and business development skill can become our channel partner.

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Solar is For Everyone

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Sunpro +

Freyr SunPro+ is a unique platform that enables our solar channel partners to run their business with ease.

The platform’s interface is simple to use and eliminates barriers such as lack of technical know-how and geographical limitation. Backed by complex algorithms, SunPro+ suggests the best possible solar energy solution by taking multiple parameters into account.

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Freyr Energy engages in innovative ways to tackle lack of customer awareness, accessibility and affordability of solar. By associating with one of the fastest growing renewable companies in India, our solar channel partners are assured of swift and efficient end-to-end support.

Unlimited earning potential

Unlimited earning potential

Operate from Anywhere

Operate from Anywhere

Solar plants customised to meet specific energy needs

Support through SunPro+

Solar background is not mandatory

Solar background is not mandatory

No upfront investment required

No upfront investment required

Continuous training & sales support

Continuous training & sales support

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Channel partners have been an integral part of our journey. We hope you take a minute to read what they have to say.

- Gopalakrishna

"Freyr Energy has been very efficient in guiding me on how to generate more leads. The platform - SunPro+ helps us give a quote to the customer within 5 minutes."

- Srinivas Kaki

"Freyr Energy allows me to provide a good quality product and assured service to my customers. I decided to become a partner because of their in-depth knowledge in the solar sector."

- Nityanand Agrawal

"The Freyr team has been very supportive from the beginning. Through SunPro+, I have been to serve customers in more than 4 states in the country with great ease."


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