Project Overview: Somiran Das was constructing his house in 2020. During this time his friend suggested that investing in a solar system will help him save a lot on his electricity bill. Mr Somiran’s friend, another Freyr customer, had already experienced saving of 80% on his electricity bills Convinced about the advantage of solar, Somiran Das contacted Freyr Energy to discuss his solar energy needs. He shared “The Freyr team was helpful and always took the initiative to resolve my queries. With the positive experience I have had, I will be recommending Freyr services to my friends as well.”As Freyr Energy is empanelled to provide subsidy in Assam, Mr. Somiran Das was able to get 70% subsidy on his solar system.

6kw solar in Guwahati

System Size: 6kW

Location: Guwahati, Assam

Customer Type: Residential Home

Impact: The installation of the 6kW system, will help in reducing 9 tons of CO2 emission and is equivalent to planting 103 trees every year. Apart from the impact created on the environment, Mr. Somiran Das also experienced a reduction of about 80-90% on his electricity bill.