When you install a solar energy system for your home, you can use it to power your home as well as charge your electric car for emissions-free mobility. On first look, even with the availability of incentives and subsidies for both technologies, many homeowners may find the cost to install solar and purchase an electric vehicle very high. However, a solar system with a life of 25 years is able to give an ROI of 25-30%.

Can solar panels charge electric cars?

Yes, a solar installation will charge your electric car in the same way that it would provide electricity for the rest of your home appliances. Even a simple solar panel array of ten solar panels can be sufficient to charge your vehicle’s battery & power your home.

Freyr Energy makes switching to solar energy as simple as possible. From pre-sale to post-installation, we provide a hassle-free experience. We also provide financial assistance for rooftop solar systems, as well as customized solar solutions to meet your individual needs. Going solar will save you thousands on your electricity bills.