Freyr Lease Program

To improve the affordability of solar system, Freyr Energy introduces a quick and easy financing option under the Freyr Lease Program.

Under this lease program, customer will incur only 20% of the total cost as down-payment. The balance amount will be recovered in equal instalments spread over a period of up to 4 years.

The instalments in most cases will be equal to or lower than savings in electricity bills, thereby minimizing financial burden on customers.

Features of

Freyr Lease Program

With our lease program, now you can easily avail the opportunity to add a solar system to your space. Below are some key features of the program.

Reduced Upfront Cost

Lease Period of up to 4 Years

Minimum System size 25KW

Freyr Maintains the System During Lease Period

 4 Simple Steps for

Freyr Energy

Get a Proposal

Credit Check

Sign Contract

System Installed