Project Overview: 
Dr Apurba Chakraborty, one of our customers, transitioned to solar with a 4kW on-grid system at his home in Kamrup, Assam. His son, a renewable energy engineer, motivated him to look at solar as an environmentally conscious option to reduce his electricity bills.
Solar at Assam
Before choosing solar Dr Apurba used to pay Rs. 5,000-6,000 as his monthly electricity bill. He says “Your team was great and responded quickly to my queries. I have already reduced my power bill significantly. Now I pay around Rs. 1,500 every month. That is a reduction of around 80%. I am very happy.”
System size:
4kW solar plant installed at Kamrup, Assam.
The customer has been able to reduce his power bill by 80% every month. The solar installation at his residence is equivalent to planting 65 trees every year and eliminating 5.5 tonnes of carbon emission annually