Project Overview: We at Freyr Energy aspire to create awareness about solar rooftops – their benefits and the positive impact it can have on the environment. In many cases, we have employees who turn in to customer as well!

Our employee, Sirisha Gade, recently helped her apartment community go solar. The added advantage of understanding the inner working of the entire customer journey made it easy for her to discuss the benefits of solar, the steps involved and how Freyr would be involved in each step. As for many customers, the incentive of subsidy from Telangana, also played a crucial role in convincing the owners association.

Solar System on Apartment

Freyr Energy installed a 5kW solar system at Akshaya Apartments to support all common areas loads such as the lift, water pump, and common area lighting.  The society of 12 apartments is now able to save Rs 4,000 per month on their power bills.

System Size: 5kW

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Customer Type: Residential – Apartment

Impact: By installing a 5kW system, Sirisha Gade helped in reducing 8 tons of CO2 emission and planting 88 trees annually. Sirisha has also inspired other employees to go solar for their homes.