Project Overview

Akash Patel, a software developer at Amazon, installed a 5kW solar system at his house in Hyderabad. At a colleague’s suggestion, he was keen on going solar for his new house. Reducing his electricity bill and an opportunity to contribute positively to the environment instantly convinced him to install a solar system at his new residence.5kW at Hyderabad

He says “I got a quick response from Mr Kausik. Freyr Energy’s installation team has done very good, quality work. I faced no problems.” Akash is now an advocate of Solar energy and has urged many of his friends & family to choose solar with Freyr Energy.

System size:  5kW solar plant installed at Hyderabad, Telangana.

Impact: Akash Patel’s solar installation of 5kW is equivalent to planting 79 trees and reducing 7 tons of CO2 emission annually. The 5kW system is expected to generate 600 units of electricity every month approximately.