Freyr SunPro is a revolutionary mobile application for iOS and android devices which helps you run your solar business with ease.

The tool is so easy to use, that you need no solar background & anyone can use it to start immediately in the solar sector.

SunPro uses complex algorithms to identify the best possible solution for a customer.

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Multi-Person Team - With SunPro, it is like having a 5 person team - Design engineer, pricing specialist, customer management executive, supply chain and project management, working 24x7 for you

Accelerated Sales Cycle - Sales cycle reduces from 5 - 6 meetings to 1 - 2 meetings

Rapid Design - System is instantly custom designed for each user’s needs

Assured Profits - Minimal investment, automation of key functions, zero training costs, along with Freyr procuring and installing the system, eliminates all risks and ensures profitability

Performance Management - SunPro has in-built tools that allow you to monitor activity of your employees and identify areas of improvement.


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