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How does a solar plant work?

Solar panels (photovoltaic modules ), in the solar plant convert sunlight (light, not heat) to electricity and produces direct current (DC). This DC is fed to an inverter to convert to alternating current (AC). The inverter is wired into the main service panel, where it feeds to the internal power grid.

What are the main components of a solar plant?

• Solar Panels or Modules: Solar panels (photovoltaic modules), is made from semiconductor material, which can harness the sun’s light and convert to direct current(DC).
• Solar Inverter: The DC generated by the module, goes into an inverter that converts it into alternating current (AC). This is fed to the household or office or factory equipment.
• Storage Battery (optional): We might have storage battery, to store the electricity that is generated and not used

How much area is required to install a solar rooftop plant?

1 kWp solar system requires approximately 10 sq. m (or 100 sq. ft) of shadow free area.

Does the plant produce the same amount of energy throughout the day?

The amount of energy generated does not remain the same throughout the day.
The energy generated is directly proportional to light emitted and captured by the solar panels.

How many units of electricity is produced by a 1kW plant?

A 1kWp plant generates 3-4 units of electricity in a day

What is the life of a solar panels?

The solar panels have a performance warranty for a period of 25 years,
however the projected life is much longer

What all approval and permits are required for installing solar plant?

For installing an off-grid solar PV system, no permits are required. However,
to install an on-grid system, you need to take approval from DISCOM for grid connectivity

What is net metering? Is it mandatory?

Net metering is not mandatory. However, it ensures that you maximize your savings from solar. Net metering allows you to sell excess (unconsumed) solar power back to the grid.For example, if on a given day you generated 10 units from solar and consumed only 7 units, the balance 3 units will be sold back to the grid.

How to take care of a solar plant post installation?

The annual maintenance and recurring costs are almost negligible. For optimum performance, the system only requires cleaning of modules and basic preventive and corrective maintenance. For off-grid systems where batteries are used, the batteries need to be replaced every 3-5 years.


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